Aquaman Set Video Shows Mera vs. Atlantis Commandos

A new set video from Aquaman elaborates on a previously teased chase scene involving Amber Heard's Mera. Following Warner Bros.' full expansion of the DC universe with Justice League, attention will then turn to Jason Momoa's solo adventure. Audiences have already been teased with the king of Atlantis' presence, but they've yet to see what he and underwater world can really bring to the table. Spearheading the exploration of this world will be James Wan, who has been filming the movie since early this year.

Production on the film is starting to wind down in Australia with filming coming to an end in the next few weeks. And while it stands to reason that behind-the-scenes videos and images will continue to pour out up to and after the film's release, fans can sneak a peek at a new vide featuring Mera.

Bigfootkam posted a new video from the set of Aquaman that features Joanna Bennett - Amber Heard's stunt double - as Mera filming a chase scene. Following closely behind her are Atlantis Commandos who can been seen in pursuit of Atlantis' present or future queen.

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For those who have followed the production of Aquaman, this video may seem familiar. Back in August, a set photo from the production teased the sequence, showing Mera in mid-jump. Either this video is from that same day, or the production is reshooting the sequence in the final days of production.

What brings the Atlantean guards to pursue Mera is unknown, but is surely part of plot set out by the film's two villains Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) and Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). In fact, much of the film's overall plot is still being kept under wraps for the time being. Once Justice League premieres, audiences will perhaps have a better idea as to how the DCEU plans to set Aquaman up for his solo adventure. The eventual arrival of a teaser trailer should help lay out the plot even more, and that may well see the light of day next moth too.

As more information on Aquaman is revealed, excitement should only continue to rise. Arthur Curry already looks to be a breakout character from Justice League and the solo movie has been described as an underwater Star Wars. Wan has an entire new world to play with, and his previous directorial efforts instill confidence that he can deliver on the promise.

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Source: YouTube

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