Amber Heard's Mera Teases Superpowers in Aquaman Set Video

Mera (Amber Heard) uses her mastery of water to hilarious effect in a video from the set of James Wan's DC Extended Universe movie, Aquaman.

Thanks to a new set video, it looks as if Mera's powers and no-nonsense attitude will both be on display in Aquaman. While Wonder Woman has dominated the DC Extended Universe news cycle in recent months, DC's next two projects will be ramping up promotion soon. Justice League will of course take center-stage as it heads towards its fall release, but many comic fans are also eager to see what director James Wan and star Jason Momoa will do with the Aquaman character next year.

While the King of Atlantis (Momoa) cameoed in Batman V SupermanJustice League will deliver the first proper live-action adaptation of the character. Although Aquaman takes place after the events of Justice League, it's sure to feature plenty of flashbacks that establish the origin of Arthur Curry in the DCEU. The set photos leaked from Aquaman so far support this, showing Arthur's home of Amnesty Bay and Mera (Amber Heard) rocking a comic-accurate costume. Now, a new set video further highlights the film's continuity, along with Mera's skills.

A YouTube user has uploaded a video from the set of Aquaman that shows Mera in Amnesty Bay on the docks outside of the Sunken Galleon. This is the bar where Arthur works, so we could be seeing part of the character's origin as he encounters Mera—possibly for the first time. In the video, a drunk stumbles over to Mera only for her to explode his beer. Not only does it show her swaggering attitude, but demonstrates her mastery of water. In the comics, she can summon waves and form solid objects with 'hard water' (think Aqualad in Young Justice). Hopefully, this shot indicates we'll see more of her unique powers on display in the film.

While not a lot of concrete information has been released about Aquaman, its abundance of outdoor shooting has meant lots of set photos and videos. Though Momoa doesn't appear in this scene, a previously-leaked Aquaman set photo show the future (?) husband and wife meeting outside the same bar.

We've also been treated to lots of behind-the-scenes shots from the actors on the film. Dolph Lundgren (Nereus) and Ludi Lin (Murk) shared a shot together, while Heard, Momoa, and Wan posed for another photo together. As more of these photos and videos emerge, we'll likely be able to piece together more of the film's plot and focus.

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Source: YouTube

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