Aquaman Set Photos Unite Future King & Queen of Atlantis

New set photos from Aquaman offer up new looks at Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and his love Mera (Amber Heard) leaving the underwater world.

New set photos from Aquaman show Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) leaving their underwater kingdom. In what is sure to be some of the final days of production, the Australian set of Aquaman is not done giving fans behind-the-scenes looks at the first post-Justice League movie in Warner Bros.' DC movie universe. In almost every instance of such a leak, the photos and videos have primarily been focused on the film's two stars and future rulers of Atlantis.

While Aquaman will take place primarily in the untapped underwater world, it has been made clear that at some point in the movie Arthur and Mera journey to dry land. What exactly causes them to abandon the sea has yet to be confirmed, but they are clearly on the run. Now, we can see what appears to be the beginning of their escape.

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The Aquaman Shrine has uncovered a few new photos from the set of Aquaman that show Aquaman - in some new armor - and Mera rising from the water. Mera does have something in her grasp, but it is not distinct enough in its look to pinpoint what it is. Perhaps it is part of the enemy that has (possibly) forced them to flee.

On location: @PrideofGypsies & @realamberheard in full costume as Aquaman & Mera!

— The Aquaman Shrine (@AquamanShrine) October 20, 2017

The King and Queen of Atlantis! #Aquaman #Mera?

— The Aquaman Shrine (@AquamanShrine) October 20, 2017

These are hardly the first images to emerge of the sea loving characters soaked upon their arrival. The first photo of Mera from Aquaman is similar, and could signal that these two have to leave the underwater world multiple times across the film. This time however, Aquaman is sporting new armor that is much bulkier than his regular suit, suggesting that they are escaping a battle that did not go as well as they had wanted. In fact, maybe what Mera is holding is part of their mysterious enemy (potentially The Trench).

With the duo now on dry land, they could be designated as people who abandoned their city, which is why Atlantean guards appear to be chasing Mera in other set photos. This could all be part of Orm aka Ocean Master's (Patrick Wilson) master plan to take control of the underwater kingdom, and if so he may be succeeding.

This should be one among the final Aquaman set photos to make their way online. Wilson is the latest star to wrap filming, and Willem Dafoe has also finished. With only the main stars yet to wrap, any additional and final looks at the Aquaman set will surely feature the future King and Queen of Atlantis.

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Source: The Aquaman Shrine

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