James Wan's Aquaman Set Photo Spotlights the Lighthouse Set

Amnesty Bay Lighthouse from DC Comics' Aquaman

James Wan shares a new photo from the Amnesty Bay set of Aquaman as shooting begins at the lighthouse location. Yesterday, we heard from James Wan that he was attempting to use as many practical effects as possible for Aquaman, explaining the film's overly-long production. Hopefully, that extra time and energy will pay off when the film releases next year. If nothing else, it's allowed fans an earlier glimpse of what to expect in the new underwater epic.

We've seen Dolph Lundgren working on his underwater stunts. Lundgren will be playing King Nereus, and Wan has already praised his performance in the film. We've also been getting a much better idea of how Mera will look and what her powers will be like. While a recent photo showed her on the run, the future queen also demonstrated her considerable abilities in a set video. Now, we have a new look at Arthur Curry's childhood home.

James Wan took to Twitter to share a shot of the Curry house from Aquaman, and you can see the lighthouse being constructed in the background. The director also noted that filming is beginning today on the set, which will be one of the key Amnesty Bay locations in the film.

Finally filming at the lighthouse set. Beautiful location. Saw whales ? breaching in the distance. Magical. #amnestybay #hastingspoint

— James Wan (@creepypuppet) August 11, 2017

Only a month ago, the house itself was still under construction on the Gold Coast. We also recently saw a flyover video of the work being put in on the lighthouse. This new photo, however, gives us our best look at the Curry home and lighthouse. While a number of other locations in the small town of Amnesty Bay will feature in the film, the lighthouse will likely serve as the main set outside of Atlantis.

Along with Aquaman's two homes, a lot of the action in the film will take place in the ocean. While DC sadly won't be releasing the Comic-Con footage of Aquaman, the description made clear that set pieces in the open seas would be a big factor in the film. It's these moments, along with even the quieter scenes underwater, that have taken so much extra time. Of course, the end result should be something we've yet to see in a blockbuster film.

Even if Aquaman fails to redefine the character in the minds of the average moviegoer, everything we've seen from the set so far indicates the movie will at least be a unique adventure film. If that epic scope and attention to detail can carry over into the performances and script, then Aquaman could provide the DCEU with another hit.

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Source: James Wan

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