Aquaman Set Photo Teases DCEU Aquatic Armor

Some aquatic armor pictured in new Aquaman set photos suggest the King of Atlantis will have his hands full in his upcoming DCEU film.

A set photo from Aquaman gives us a glance at a suit of aquatic armor in the film. Whilst fans are excited to finally get to see Jason Momoa's take on Arthur Curry in Justice League, Aquaman will really dive deep into his backstory. The first film after Justice League focuses on Arthur as he struggles with gaining respect from both humans and Atlanteans. Helmed by The Conjuring director, James Wan, it'll be the next solo DCEU adventure. Aquaman also stars Amber Heard as the Queen of Atlantis, Mera.

The film is currently in production on the Gold Coast of Australia as James Wan confirmed they had begun filming scenes at Arthur's home, Amnesty Bay. And if they're already using the armor in question near this set, it seems like some sort of conflict will be felt in the small town by the sea. Troops in similar looking armor - whether Atlantean, belonging to Mantis's or Orm's troops, or otherwise - have been spotted on set pursuing Mera, so exactly who the armor belongs to and what their motivations are remains up in the air.

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Aquaman set photo

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The latest unofficial photo from the film gives us a closer look at the suits in question. The detail on the armor is a little easier to see in this latest set photo than the previous one. The copper colored armor covers a layer of what look like metallic fish scales. They also look quite intimidating in size, no doubt Arthur and Mera will have to fight a few adversaries in this armor throughout the course of the movie.

From what we heard about the footage revealed at Comic-Con recently, the Atlantean army will be on the move at some point during the film. Momoa also revealed at Comic-Con that Ocean Master will be the main villain in the film. It's possible that Ocean Master and Black Manta will turn the underwater city against Arthur, prompting a violent response from the army. And if there are thousands of soldiers all kitted out in these suits, Arthur will have a huge fight on his hands.

Whilst it's pure speculation at this point, the film could see Ocean Master attempt a coup to take the Atlantean throne for himself as he has done in the comics previously. And since the comics have recently attempted to revamp the opinion of Aquaman, the film seems to be following a similar tone. With James Wan mentioning that Momoa's performance will remove the stigma of the aquatic hero. Aquaman has already assembled an incredible cast for the underwater adventure. Jason Momoa will star alongside Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Michael Beach.

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