17 Rumors About Aquaman We Hope Are True (And 8 We Hope Aren't)

Aquaman was finally introduced in Justice League, and his debut made a huge splash. Fans loved the DCEU’s portrayal of the iconic aquatic superhero and they simply couldn’t get enough of “their man.”

The muscular, long-haired underwater protagonist wooed audiences all over the world, and therefore, Warner Bros. decided to give him his own movie.

Aquaman is set to release at the end of this year and will specifically focus on Arthur Curry’s origin story. We can expect to see his oddly matched parents, his iconic ability to talk to fish, his underwater kingdom, and his everlasting family turmoils.

However, what else can viewers expect to see in the movie?

What villains will we see battling it out against one of the greatest men to walk on land and swim in water? How will Aquaman learn to talk to his fish friends? What other DC characters can we expect to see in the movie? Also, will the movie revive the DC franchise? Only the tide will tell.

So, let’s get ready to listen to the ocean and chat with all of the gossiping fish, because here are the 17 Rumors About Aquaman We Hope are True (And 8 We Hope Aren’t).

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25 HOPE is true: The movie will release before December 2018


Expected to release during the holiday season, Aquaman will compete with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Bumblebee, and Mary Poppins Returns.

This creates a major hurdle for the movie that is set to revive the DC franchise.

However, a change in Warner Bros.’ schedule might give Aquaman the break it needs.

The live action Jungle Book adaptation, Mowgli, which was set to release in October, will now debut on Netflix in 2019. Therefore, Warner Bros. has an opening in its studio release schedule.

According to rumors, Warner Bros. will move Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald into this spot and move up Aquaman for a November release.

24 HOPE is true: Aquaman will wear his classic suit

When Aquaman appeared in Justice League, fans noticed that the color of his costume was more muted than normal.

However, in his solo movie, we could see the aquatic hero return to the iconic green and yellow suit from the comics.

Director James Wan is expected to pay homage to the comics and return to a lot of the source material.

Therefore, Jason Momoa revealed that in the movie, he will look like a “pitch-perfect Aquaman” with a “scaled orange top, green pants, [and] golden trident.”

Although Aquaman probably has one of the most faux-pas superhero outfits, it would be nice to see him return to the classics.

23 HOPE isn't: Aqualad will appear and serve his father

Since Aquaman was announced, there was a rumor circulating that suggested Aqualad will appear in the movie.

As the son of Black Manta, fans expected Aqualad to help his father track down Aquaman but eventually switch to the hero’s team.

However, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the actor who plays Black Manta, shut down these theories with a simple tweet. He told fans, “Aqualad ain’t gon be in the movie y’all. Lol Confirmed!!”

Hopefully, Abdul-Mateen II is telling the truth.

Although an appearance from Aqualad would be a nice nod to the comics, the movie is already full of characters.

Adding another would take away from the story as well as Orm and Black Manta’s character development.

22 HOPE is true: One of the members of the Justice League will make a cameo

The DCEU loves its cameos, so it’s pretty safe to assume that there will be some sort of superhero appearance in Aquaman. The question, though, is who.

Back in September 2017, Wonder Woman stunt actress Madeleine Vall Beijner posted a throwback photo of her and her fellow Thymiscyra warriors on set.

Along with the image, she also wrote that she couldn’t wait to be reunited with her Amazon warriors in Italy.

However, Wonder Woman wasn’t supposed to have started filming then. So, were the Amazonians shooting a potential cameo scene for Aquaman?

Could we see Wonder Woman and her fellow sisters joining forces with Aquaman and the Atlanteans?

21 HOPE is true: Ocean Master will hire Black Manta to seek out Aquaman

Based on the trailers, fans believe there are three villains in the movie: Orm, Black Manta, and King Nereus.

However, James Wan says that fans are completely wrong.

He told EW, “I don’t have three villains… I think that’s ridiculous! I would never go into an origin movie with three villains. We don’t even know the main character let alone the world and its antagonist. I believe in taking baby steps.”

So, if Black Manta isn’t a villain, why is he portrayed as one in the trailers?

This has led fans to think that Orm will be the main antagonist, but that he’ll hire Black Manta to do his bidding on land.

20 HOPE isn't: Darkseid will make an appearance

Much like the MCU has been building up to the appearance of their big baddie, Thanos, the DCEU has been doing the same.

Fans have all been on the edge of their seats waiting for Darkseid to make his dark landing. Now some fans believe that Aquaman could be the movie they've all been waiting for.

Since his nephew Steppenwolf failed to obtain the Mother Boxes in Justice League, this rumor states that Darkseid will come down to Earth and do it himself.

Although it would be great to see Darkseid introduced in the DCEU, he definitely deserves his own movie.

So hopefully if he’s in Aquaman, he’s saved for a mid or end-credit scene.

19 HOPE is true: There will be no romantic relationship between Aquaman and Mera

As most of you know, Mera becomes Aquaman’s wife in the comics. However, we may not see this relationship developing in the upcoming movie.

Many fans believe that the relationship between Aquaman and Mera will be strictly platonic in the movie.

Much like any movie romance, many think that they’ll start off hating each other and become forced together through a swashbuckling adventure.

This would be a great angle for the film because Aquaman is meant to be an origin story. It would be nice to focus simply on the hero and develop his story since we got very little of it in Justice League.

18 HOPE is true: Black Manta will join the Legion of Doom

During the end-credits for Justice League, we see Deathstroke meeting up with Lex Luthor on his yacht. When Slade arrives, Luthor asks him, “Shouldn’t we have a league of our own?”

According to this scene, Lex Luthor is creating the Legion of Doom and some fans believe that Black Manta will be the next recruit.

Black Manta is a member of the Legion of Doom in the comics, so he would definitely be eligible to join in the movies.

Some fans think that we could see Aquaman defeat Manta at the end of the movie, only to see him miraculously return in the end-credits with Lex Luthor.

17 HOPE isn't: King Nereus will not be a villain

Although James Wan has declared that he will keep true to much of the source material, there is one thing that he is expected to change.

In the comics, Mera was once betrothed to King Nereus. However, after being sent on a mission to destroy Arthur Curry, she falls in love with him and creates tension between Nereus and Aquaman.

We can expect Wan to ax this love triangle in the upcoming Aquaman movie because it has been revealed by actor Dolph Lundgren that King Nereus will actually be Mera’s dad in the movie.

Therefore, the King may not become an Aquaman villain at all.

16 HOPE is true: Black Manta will be fueled by revenge after Aquaman destroys his father

Black Manta in Aquaman

In the trailer, we see Aquaman torpedoing towards a submarine, asking for permission to board, and fighting everyone in his path. You’ll also notice in this scene that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the actor who plays Black Manta, is on the submarine.

Then, if you look next to him, some fans have spotted an older gentleman who looks like he could be Black Manta’s dad.

This scene has led to rumors that Black Manta’s father doesn’t survive the fight and that Black Manta will blame Aquaman for his dad’s demise.

Abdul-Mateen II has revealed that his character is fueled by revenge against Aquaman and this could be the reason why.

15 HOPE is true: We will find out Aquaman saved Clark Kent in Man of Steel

During the beginning of Man of Steel, Clark Kent saves some workers on a burning oil rig. However, despite his superhuman strength, the rig collapses beneath him and the Man of Steel is left sinking into the ocean.

The Man of Steel is miraculously saved when a group of whales that happened to be in the area help bring him to safety.

However, a long-standing rumor suggests that Superman wasn’t saved by luck, but by the powers of Aquaman.

Jason Momoa has confirmed this theory during an interview with DC All Access. So now fans believe that we’ll learn more about the incident and Aquaman’s relationship with Superman in the upcoming movie.

14 HOPE isn't: Aquaman is Kryptonian

Justice League Trailer Aquaman Back Waves

One theory that surfaced recently suggests that Aquaman and Wonder Woman are both descendants of Kryptonians.

The theory states that Atlantis was created by Kryptonian colonists who went to explore Earth centuries ago.

Back then, the Earth contained more water than it does now, so the explorers had to adapt to a new environment. This allowed them to evolve their oceanic powers and create the city known as Atlantis.

The theory goes on to say that these origins will be revealed in Aquaman.

With the superhero’s backstory, we'll learn how the Atlanteans ended up on Earth.

13 HOPE is true: We will see the moment Aquaman's parents met

In the comics, Aquaman’s parents are Atlanna, the former queen of Atlantis, and Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper. They lived in Amnesty Bay, Maine and raised their son together in the local lighthouse.

With the lighthouse appearing in the Aquaman trailers and the appearance of both of the hero’s parents, many fans believe that we will actually see the moment when the two lovebirds met.

This would be great in Aquaman, as the movie is supposed to portray the origin story of Arthur Curry.

Without his parents meeting each other, there wouldn’t even be an Aquaman.

12 HOPE is true: Aquaman will call upon an army of marine life

Throughout Justice League, Batman teases Aquaman about his ability to communicate with fish. However, it looks like James Wan is running with this joke and making it a complete strength in Aquaman’s origin story.

In the trailer, a young Arthur Curry is being bullied for talking to fish. Then, a shark comes to his rescue and starts banging on the aquarium glass.

Based on one theory, this won’t be the last time we see fish fighting for Aquaman.

When he goes to battle Orm at the end of the movie, it’s theorized that Aquaman will call upon an army of marine animals to show the Ocean Master who the true master of the ocean is.

11 HOPE isn't: Black Manta will take out Aquaman's dad

During the trailer, there’s a glimpse of Black Manta standing in a homely location wearing his entire suit. Some fans have interpreted this location to be the lighthouse home of Aquaman’s dad.

Therefore, this theory suggests that Black Manta is looking for an eye for an eye.

Since some theories suggest that Aquaman took out Black Manta’s father, it could be possible that Black Manta is looking to do the same to Aquaman.

This would be an iconic villain move, but it also adds an extra level of family drama that is unnecessary in a movie that seems to be chockful of sibling rivalry and lost family members.

10 HOPE is true: Atlantis will be more technologically advanced than the Surface World

When you watched the Aquaman trailer, you might have thought to yourself, “Why do people who can live and swim underwater need a submarine to transport them to Atlantis?”

Well, the answer might be to simply showcase the incredible technology available to the Atlanteans.

One theory suggests that Atlantis is more technologically advanced than the surface world, with more eco-friendly and sustainable innovations.

This will be the reason why Orm wants to annihilate the surface world for dumping their trash in the oceans.

The plot of Aquaman has constantly been compared to Black Panther, so why not create Atlantis as an underwater Wakanda?

9 HOPE is true: James Wan will bring in his horror background

James Wan Aquaman

James Wan is known for amazing yet haunting horror movies such as Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring. Therefore, many people expect him to bring in some of his expertise into Aquaman to create moments of suspense, shock, and horror.

One of the ways that people think he’ll use his horror background is through the inclusion of the Trench.

The Trench is a race of evil creatures that make up one of the seven underwater kingdoms. They live far beneath the ocean floor and only live to eat.

They have been introduced in the Aquaman trailer, but some fans believe that they’ll be portrayed in a more menacing and evil manner during the actual movie.

8 HOPE isn't: The movie will be more humorous than Justice League

The MCU is known for witty humor and quirky jokes about shawarma, dance-offs, and Disney movies. The DCEU, on the other hand, is popular for its dark and brooding themes and action-packed fight scenes.

However, the DCEU has been breaking the archetype lately and attempting to move towards a more humorous atmosphere.

The attempt was clearly seen in Justice League, but it didn’t end well. The humor was dry and awkward, leaving fans wondering what went wrong in the DCEU.

One rumor suggests that the humor level will intensify in Aquaman and we absolutely hope that this isn’t true.

The DCEU needs to leave the humor to the MCU and focus on what they do best.

7 HOPE is true: Black Manta will double-cross Orm

The popular theory is that Orm will hire Black Manta to further his cause and conduct some of his bidding on land. Therefore, the villain will hunt down Aquaman and will wreak havoc on the surface world.

However, Black Manta is a lot bigger than this small role, and some fans believe that he will ultimately double cross Orm so that he can grow into his own menacing character.

This would be a great plot device to develop Black Manta as a villain.

It would also secure his role in future DCEU movies as a more significant baddie.

6 HOPE is true: Atlanna will not be alive at the beginning of the movie

Atlanna was mentioned in Justice League when Steppenwolf attacked the Atlanteans and stole the Mother Box.

During this scene, Mera tells Aquaman that she knew his mother and that it would’ve been her responsibility to follow Steppenwolf to the surface and stop him. However, now, it’s Aquaman’s duty.

This hints that Atlanna is no longer around, and therefore, fans believe that we won’t ever see her alive in a DCEU movie.

Although it’s sad, her disappearance allows for the mvie to progress faster. Fans can get to Aquaman’s true origin story without taking away time to explain Atlanna’s disappearance.

5 HOPE isn't: Unite the Seven was a reference to Aquaman

When original promotions for Justice League were announced, you may have recalled seeing a poster of Jason Momoa and the slogan “Unite the Seven.”

Many people thought this referred to the seven members of the Justice League, but were severely disappointed when there were only six superheroes introduced in the movie.

One and a half years later, fans are now starting to understand what “Unite the Seven” was referring to. It signifies Aquaman’s attempt to unify the Seven Great Cities of Atlantis in Aquaman.

Fans believe that Aquaman will need to unite the seven kingdoms so that they can defeat Orm together.

Although this is a cool concept, it’s almost two years too late.

4 HOPE is true: Aquaman will battle Orm for the throne and lose

Many fans have compared the plot of Aquaman to the story of Black Panther. The son of royalty and an outsider to the main society challenges his own blood for the throne through a battle of strength.

Only in Aquaman, Killmonger is the hero.

Fans believe that Aquaman will be called to Atlantis to challenge Orm for the throne. However, he is expected to lose the first battle.

This loss will force Aquaman to join Mera on a quest to find King Atlan’s trident so that he can take over the throne and prevent an all-out war against the surface world.

It’s a true test of strength that shows the closing of Aquaman’s character arc.

3 HOPE is true: Aquaman will revive DC movies

Wonder Woman was one of the best things to happen to the DCEU. The movie brought the franchise back to life and allowed it to stay in the race against Marvel.

However, the popularity boost from Wonder Woman was quickly destroyed after the release of Justice League.

The movie received a 40 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was completely trashed by both critics and movie-goers.

These critics are willing to give the franchise one last shot, though.

They’re theorizing that based on trailers and rumors, Aquaman could be the movie to put the DCEU back on the map.

Hopefully, this is true because the franchise is in serious need of a revival.

2 HOPE isn't: Black Manta will serve as a menacing presence and won't appear too often

Although we’ve seen Orm, Black Manta, and King Nereus in the trailers, James Wan told fans that his movies does not have three villains.

According to the director, Orm is the only antagonist in the movie. So, what does this mean for Black Manta?

Fans believe that the iconic Aquaman villain won’t appear much in the film and will instead act as a menacing off-screen presence like Darth Vader.

You will feel the fear that Black Manta instills in people rather than see it.

However, the DCEU doesn’t have time for a drawn-out reveal. With the clock ticking on the future of the franchise, it’d be best to bring Black Manta directly into the spotlight.

1 HOPE is true: Black Manta will align with Dr. Stephen Shin in the end-credit scene

Post-credit scenes in superhero movies are now the norm. By now you should know that you never leave a movie theater before the credits are over, and the post-credit scene for Aquaman is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

According to Discussing Film, Aquaman will include an end-credit scene featuring Randall Park as Dr. Stephen Shin.

He will meet with Black Manta and set the villain up for an increasingly more treacherous role in the future.

The leak proves that Black Manta will have a larger and more important role in the DCEU, but it also confirms extremely early on that the villain will survive the events of Aquaman.


Have you heard of any other Aquaman rumors? Let us know in the comments!

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