Aquaman's Patrick Wilson Trains for Battle as Ocean Master

Patrick Wilson begins working out to prepare for his scenes as the villainous Ocean Master in the upcoming DC Extended Universe film, Aquaman.

Patrick Wilson as Orm aka Ocean Master for Aquaman

Fans of Aquaman have known for some time that Jason Momoa has been tapped to play the character in the relatively young DC Extended Universe. Momoa has since cameoed in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (ahead of his true introduction in Justice League), but it will be Aquaman that gives him a leading role. Warner Bros. has paired horror director James Wan to the project as they explore the deepest depths of the DCEU's oceans, but for a while it was unknown who would cause Aquaman trouble in his solo movie. Reports pointed to Black Manta being the main villain, but more recently it was Patrick Wilson who was cast as Orm aka Ocean Master.

As production is set to begin on Aquaman early next year in order for the film to hit its recently-announced fall 2018 release date, Wilson is already getting ready for his villainous turn. Fans will have to wait for quite a while before seeing Wilson and Momoa go head-to-head, but Wilson's recent posts indicate he is training so he is ready for such an occasion.

Wilson shared a photo on Twitter of himself after a recent workout that teased DC fans to prepare for the inevitable underwater clash. Not only is he clearly embracing the role, but is hinting at more than one brawl between the half-brothers Arthur Curry (Momoa) and Orm in the film.

Yes indeed. Orm has to prepare for a battle or two.

— patrick wilson (@patrickwilson73) December 20, 2016

It is not uncommon for similar work-out photos to be posted from members of superhero-related properties, with Wilson having now joined the long list of actors who have done so before him (including fellow DCEU stars Momoa and Henry Cavill). Oftentimes, these actors are asked to get in tip top shape to portray both heroes and villains alike - and while this is not as exciting as a picture of Wilson in costume, it shows that he is at the very least getting ready for his costume fitting.

Some great fan art has already surfaced with designs of Wilson in costume as Ocean Master, offering a sneak peek of what he could look like in Wan's film. Then again, there is no guarantee that either WB or Wan will stick to a comic accurate costume, having taken a few liberties with designs and colors in DCEU films past. No matter how his costume looks it is clear that Wilson is excited for the supervillain role, as he has already praised the previous work of both Wan and Momoa. He will have a couple more months before he has to begin playing Orm and fighting Momoa's Aquaman, so Wilson has time to bulk up even more to try and match up with the latter's massive frame.

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