Aquaman Will Be A Full Origin Story for Arthur Curry and Atlantis

Jason Momoa says his Aquaman solo movie will tell the whole origin of Arthur Curry, but also explore the history that exists under the sea. Even before he has made his true debut in the DC movie universe, Momoa has already won over the majority of people thanks to his fun-loving nature stealing every moment in Justice League's marketing. This has already started to make his solo film that much more anticipated amongst fans, making the year-long wait seem like a lifetime away.

But, before we know it, Aquaman will be the focal point for this universe now that filming has wrapped and marketing starts to hit. This means that fans won't get to see any more leaks from the set and will just have to rely on official promos and interviews to keep their interests - and Momoa is already working hard to sell his film.

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Total Film spoke to Momoa about what his solo movie will hold, and he stated that it is a full origin story for his character. Although he is already an established warrior by the time Justice League rolls around, he isn't the king yet and won't be until Aquaman ends. So even though audiences will be familiar with the hero, this will be where they get to see him grow.

"It’s the whole origin story, for sure. You’ll see young Arthur and everything. It goes from before he was’s the whole mythology of it.

It’s unbelievable where we start in this movie, and where we end up. Right now, I’m [filming] all the end stuff and it’s pretty insane. I hate comparing things, but when I watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you see all these amazing worlds and the places they go, and you watch Star Wars and they do battles in space. Well, what do you think is going to happen underwater? There are so many cool worlds we’re going to, and my character definitely goes on a big adventure and you travel the world with him."


In a day and age where superhero origin movies are almost looked down upon by some, it is important for Aquaman to do the heavy lifting in introducing audiences to Aquaman and his world. Even though he, his love Mera, and Atlantis will be part of Justice League, with the movie running at only two hours long, it most likely won't have time to completely explore and set up all these parts. Thankfully, Aquaman will be solely dedicated to doing just that, and the focus on that is evident with the casting of a young Arthur Curry and even casting people from other underwater kingdoms.

As for the second part of Momoa's quote, much of what he says here is similar to what others involved with the project have said. Director James Wan also compared the movie to an Indiana Jones flick with its swashbuckling adventure mirroring Raiders of the Lost Ark, only here Momoa compares it to the closing chapter of that trilogy, instead of the first film. But, Momoa's comparison is only because of the large scope that that movie has, also comparing it to Star Wars - a franchise that has been another steady influence. If these comparisons are not only indications of what type of film fans will get, but also hopefully the quality, then DC should have a big hit on their hands.

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Source: Total Film

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