Aquaman Extended Trailer Breakdown: 18 Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed

Aquaman NYCC Trailer Breakdown

Warner Bros. has released a 5-minute-long extended look at Aquaman, James Wan's upcoming superhero movie starring Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry. This footage was originally shown at San Diego Comic-Con, but Warner Bros. previously held back on dropping it online. With the release date now just a couple of months away, the studio has settled on New York Comic Con as to best time to continue their marketing push, and give the whole world a fresh look at Aquaman.

The first trailer was fairly divisive, with the CGI in particular being heavily criticized, but there were reports that the Hall H footage was far better than the trailer. Now we can see that those reports were accurate: this extended look shows off some excellent action sequences, and a lot of strong character moments.

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Let's break down this latest look at Aquaman in detail, and explore just what it reveals about the movie's plot.

18. A Strong Dose of Lovecraftian Horror

James Wan is traditionally associated with the horror genre, and he's wearing his horror influences on his sleeve in this trailer. The opening shot features a snow globe of a lighthouse, a fairy tale beginning that at first feels out of place - until you notice what the snow globe is resting upon. It's The Dunwich Horror by H.P. Lovecraft, which tells the story of a human woman who communes with an Outer God to birth a pair of powerful children. Other elements will be reminiscent of Lovecraftian horror as well; when we finally see the Trench, they evoke memories of the Deep Ones in Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

It looks as though Atlanna and Arthur are stood in the background, so it's possible this scene involves her telling Arthur his own origin story.

17. Son of Land, Son of Seas

The fairy tale vibe continues with the voice-over, and images of an origin story that initially seems as fantastical as any Disney film. This section stress Arthur Curry's unique position, as a "son of the land, and a son of the seas." As such, Arthur's mother believed he was destined to be the bridge between those who dwell on the surface and those who live in the oceans. It's a destiny that Arthur attempts to reject after Atlantean forces come for his mother.

16. Arthur And Mera's Quest to Ancient Atlantis

Aquaman NYCC Trailer - Arthur and Mera

The trailer swiftly moves on to an extended scene in the Sahara Desert, in which Arthur and Mera find the ruins of ancient Atlantis. They're walking through a site that would be a dream to any archaeologist - the remnants of a civilization that flourished 7 million years ago, before humans even walked the earth. Arthur and Mera have come here in pursuit of an ancient relic of Atlantis: King Atlan's trident, a powerful artifact that would establish Arthur as ruler of Atlantis.

The quest for King Atlan's trident is actually the main plot of Aquaman. The film tells the story of how Arthur and Mera locate the trident and use it to unite the seven tribes of Atlantis against Ocean-Master. They're pursued by Ocean-Master and his forces, most notably Black Manta and his group of thugs. We've previously seen photos from this scene, but now we get an in-depth look at how ancient Atlantean technology works - and just how advanced it was.

As well as showcasing Atlantean technology, this clip demonstrates the humor that will run through Aquaman. It's fascinating to see Mera use her power in a more subtle way, drawing water from Arthur's forehead, but his unimpressed reaction is sure to get some laughs.

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14. The Trident

The video gives viewers a first look at King Atlan's trident, in which he declares "resides the power of Atlantis." It's as yet unclear just what this trident is capable of, but certainly it seems to allow extreme mastery of the oceans. One line is particularly interesting: "In the wrong hands, it would bring destruction." That dialogue is accompanied by a scene of ancient Atlantis, with a dazzling white light blasting over the city, so it's possible that the trident itself was used to drive Atlantean civilization beneath the waves. If that's the case, Aquaman will literally wield the power to raise Atlantis - something that's recently happened in the comics.

Notice that Atlan hints that the trident can be used to unite both those below and above the waves. Its power may be sufficient to allow Arthur to stand as a king among land-dwelling humans as well as the seven tribes of the sea.

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