Don't Call Nicole Kidman's Aquaman Queen a Mermaid

Nicole Kidman has teased what we can expect to see from her role in Aquaman. She'll be playing the Queen of Atlantis and Arthur Curry's Mother, but don't call her a mermaid. The DC Extended Universe is growing, with Justice League premiering this November and Aquaman heading for a December 2018 release date.

Last year, Nicole Kidman was confirmed to appear in Aquaman as Arthur Curry's Mother, the Queen of Atlantis. There have been several different origin stories for Arthur involving Queen Atlanna; some have seen her die in childbirth while others saw her exiled from Atlantis by King Trevis. The film will see Arthur Curry attempt to stop a war between the Atlanteans and the rest of the world. It hasn't been revealed how his Mother comes into the story, but Kidman has previously mentioned that Atlanna would be a female "warrior of the sea". Now the actress has discussed her role further.

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During an interview with THR while promoting her new film, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, at TIFF, the actress teased the role, with specific reference to her Queen-ly status:

"I got to be a mermaid. I got to be a Queen. I got to wear a crown. I got to lie on a rock with my hair strewn and blood and I kind of liked it. I'm not a mermaid, I don't have a tail. I have a crown and I have a particular way of looking. I am a Queen."

The mermaid comments seem to be a rather casual slip of the tongue rather than an unintentional reveal (although there was a story in the comics where she was transformed into a mermaid to taunt Aquaman). As she mentioned being on a rock with blood, this probably means that she's involved in action sequences either fighting against Atlantean forces or Human armies.

It's not the first time Kidman has taken a role in a comic book movie, starring in Batman Forever in 1995. Of course, Dr. Chase Meridian was little more than a damsel in distress. It sounds like Queen Atlanna will be the exact opposite of that during Aquaman.

Aquaman is currently in production by Warner Bros. under the working title 'Ahab'. The film also stars Amber Heard as Mera, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Willem Dafoe as Nudis Vulko, Dolph Lundgren as Nereu, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta.

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Source: THR

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