Aquaman: Nicole Kidman Arrives in Australia For Filming

Actress Nicole Kidman arrives in Australia, where Aquaman is filming, and where she will be playing Queen Atlanna in the DCEU.

Wonder Woman may be poised to kick off the DCEU's offerings in 2017 this week, but that hasn't stopped Aquaman from readying its production, with Nicole Kidman landing in Australia for her role in the film. While that movie gets underway, the first solo outing for the Amazon princess looks like it's going to be the first unqualified critical success for the DCEU. The next big ensemble movie, Justice League, is also out this year, and there is little doubt that it's going to be absolutely huge.

Aquaman is currently filming in Australia, and that means plenty of behind-the-scenes photos have been finding their way online and fueling speculation about the story of the King of Atlantis. Over the weekend, Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) were spotted on set together, while new set photos show off the DCEU's version of Amnesty Bay.

Nicole Kidman, who will be portraying Aquaman's mother Queen Atlanna, landed in Sydney on May 30 and was snapped on arrival by Just Jared. Given Kidman's role in the film, and the fact that Aquaman is currently in production there, it's clear that the Academy Award-winning actress is in Australia to join the cast on set.

Queen Atlanna is Aquaman's mother in the comics, and Kidman was confirmed to be cast in the role earlier this year. A longtime friend of director James Wan, and a native Australian herself, Kidman is sure to bring another level of talent to the upcoming superhero project. She has previously talked about her excitement at the idea of playing a 'mermaid warrior', and hopefully that means she will bring something interesting to the role of Atlantis's queen.

These photos are, of course, not official confirmation that Kidman is about to start filming on Aquaman, but candid shots from the airport. As such, it is still possible that the actress won't be on set for a little while yet -- she may have arrived early in order to spend some extra time with family and friends before getting to work. However, there is no doubt that this means that she will be getting into costume as Atlanna very soon, and that will hopefully mean some behind-the-scenes shots of Kidman's outfit so that fans can get a glimpse of how the DCEU will be portraying this important figure in the Aquaman mythos.

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Source: Just Jared 

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