Jason Momoa Wants Zack Snyder To Direct 'Aquaman' Movie

Jason Momoa claims that his 'Aquaman' will be 'a badass', and reveals that Zack Snyder would be his choice to direct the solo film.

Aquaman Movie Scripts Story

He may be a walking punchline for some casual comic enthusiasts, but in the upcoming Justice League universe launched by Batman V Superman, few heroes are as poised to make their name - and powers - known than Aquaman. That may sound unlikely, but Warner Bros., DC Comics and director Zack Snyder showed fans had no clue what to expect when Jason Momoa (Game of ThronesThe Red Road) was officially announced to be bringing the aquatic hero to life.

Now that Momoa has appeared at the Comic-Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the actor has offered up a fresh batch of details on his involvement in the studio's superhero universe, reiterating his belief that Snyder's plan is "genius." Admitting he was forced to keep silent about his casting for months, Momoa's four-picture deal (presumably Justice League Parts 1 & 2, an Aquaman movie, and potential cameo in Dawn of Justice) won't seek to make the hero a household name - that's already taken care of - but prove he can stand next to DC's legendary stars.

To calm fears even further, those in attendance at the Con got a personal reassurance that Snyder wasn't lying when he promised "a badass Aquaman" was on the way. More specifically, a "tattooed, Hawaiian" Aquaman: