Willem Dafoe Joins the Aquaman Production in Australia

Aquaman Willem Dafoe

With production now underway in Australia for DC's Aquaman, co-star Willem Dafoe has arrived to begin work on the film. Ever since Aquaman was announced a few years back as part of Warner Bros. slate for the DCEU, the film has struggled to hit its initial release date. After two push backs, however, it looks like the cast and crew are finally able to settle in as production officially began two weeks ago. Not only did the news bring a new logo for the film, but the growing ensemble of the movie has been slowly teasing their roles.

So far, we've seen Temuera Morrison preparing to play Aquaman's human father. On the flip side of things, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Amber Heard, who will play Black Manta and Mera in the city of Atlantis, recently shared a fun shot of them training together for the undersea epic. With production ramping up on the Gold Coast, it's only a matter of time before we see each of the actors on set and possibly sporting their movie costumes. And while we don't yet know how Willem Dafoe will look as Vulko in the new movie, he's at least on set and ready to go.

Universo DC have shared a few photos of Dafoe in Queensland, Australia, ready to begin his work on the film. Audiences will briefly meet his character in Justice League later this year, but Dafoe has promised his role in Aquaman will be substantial. While the photos don't reveal anything specific about the film, they indicate it's only a matter of time before more news arrives.

Willem Dafoe #NuidisVulko llegó a Gold Coast, Australia, para el rodaje de #Aquaman

Fotos: REX Features y Chris Polson.

— Universo DC (@UniversoDC1) May 11, 2017

Along with the three photos of Dafoe, there's a news clipping confirming that the actor is on the continent to play Nuidis Vulko in next year's film. The article also notes that the recently cast Otis Dhanji has also arrived, preparing to play the young version of Aquaman's alter-ego Arthur Curry.

Given the story of Aquaman being from two different worlds, it's not surprising that the film would feature flashbacks showing how Curry's parents got together. It's those flashbacks that could also plant the seeds for further developments, like the jealously Orm shares for his half-brother.

Meanwhile, the undersea adventure won't just see Aquaman facing Atlantean foes, but some monsters as well. A recent report seemingly confirmed a years-old rumor that the Trench from DC Comics and the beasts that dwell within it would be serving as antagonists in the new movie. All told, Arthur Curry is going to have his hands full when Aquaman premieres next year.

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Source: Universo DC

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