Patrick Wilson Teases Aquaman Villain Role

Though Patrick Wilson's Orm will serve his fellow Atlanteans in Aquaman, he'll also emerge as the movie's key villain. Not much is known about the story of next year's solo outing for Arthur Curry at this point, but we've had a few hints thanks to various pieces of news. The movie will take place after the events of Justice League, following Curry as the hero Aquaman and the ruler of Atlantis. We'll also see flashbacks to his childhood from the surface world, which will inform his unique style of rule.

Of course, that outsider status won't sit well with everyone in Aquaman. We've known for some time that Patrick Wilson will play Aquaman's half-brother Orm. But in the comics, Orm is also the supervillain Ocean Master. While he began as more of an outright villain, modern takes on the character have made him into a man who believes he's protecting his people against the threat of the surface world. This is especially apparent in the New 52 story Throne of Atlantis, which looks like it will be partially adapted in the new film. And though Aquaman will square off against Black Manta, his main villain looks to be much closer to home.

The cast of Aquaman has been having some fun with each other on Twitter that tease this. As he's playing Black Manta, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II sent out a tweet showing a panel from the comics where the rogue cuts off Aquaman's hand. Wilson then replied to it discussing the concept of villains having more fun. Director James Wan then sent out a playful tweet announcing that Wilson's tweet was a spoiler for the film.

Happy Thursday!!! ????????

— Yahya Abdul-Mateen 2 (@yahya) August 24, 2017

Yes. Bad guys rule.

— patrick wilson (@patrickwilson73) August 24, 2017

Whoa. Spoiler, dude.

— James Wan (@creepypuppet) August 24, 2017

We've actually known for some time that Wilson will, in fact, take a villainous turn in the film. It will likely happen early, as well, given that he's being described as the film's main antagonist, although Wan's response does indicate a noble beginning that leads into a twist. In all likelihood, the story of Aquaman will follow the beats of Throne of Atlantis and feature Orm rallying the Atlanteans for an attack against the surface world in a bid to claim the title of king for himself.

Regardless of what story is told, Aquaman is sure to feature some massive set pieces. Wan has claimed he's trying to use as many practical effects as possible, but the movie is sure to rely heavily on CGI with all of the underwater scenes, huge armies, and fantastical creatures and abilities. Indeed, rendering Atlantis in all its glory will be no small feat. We recently heard a rumor that the production budget of Aquaman is around $160 million, which will provide the film with more money than Wonder Woman. While nothing close to Batman v Superman and Justice League, it's still safe to assume the blockbuster will be something to behold.

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