Aquaman Movie: Unite the Seven Was the Oceanic Armies Not JL

UPDATE: Read everything revealed by the Aquaman set visit reports.

The promotional tagline "Unite the Seven" actually refers to Aquaman and the seven underwater kingdoms, and not the number of members of the Justice League. Although the statement originally appeared to promote Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice it seems that "Unite the Seven" was teasing a plot point from the solo Aquaman film.

The tagline first appeared during the production of Batman V Superman as a way to promote Aquaman's presence in the Justice League movie. Because everyone assumed that "Unite the Seven" was about the Justice League movie, though, many believed that it referred to the core founding members of the League. But there was one problem: the Justice League only seemed to have six members. Fans began to wonder if there was a secret seventh Justice League member that might turn up. Some even believed that this seventh team member was Green Lantern. After Justice League released, though, there were only six team members, which meant that the phrase referred to something else.

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After a visit to the set of Aquaman last summer, JoBlo confirms that "Unite the Seven" actually refers to the seven underwater kingdoms:

"All Seven Kingdoms will be represented in the film: Atlantis, The Trench, Xebel, The Brine, The Fisherman Kingdom, The Missing Kingdom, and an unknown seventh. This is where the whole 'Unite the Seven' tagline came from in that very early look at Aquaman (many thought it had to do with uniting the Justice League)."

The tagline was never meant to promote the Justice League movie at all. Instead, it was teasing the Aquaman movie that would come later. That set visit also reveals a lot of new information about Aquaman, including details about Arthur and Mera's relationship in the movie, along with the kind of armors and weapons the Atlanteans will have at their disposal. Fans now have an idea of what some of the main plot points are, although the most important story arc concerns Arthur and Mera's journey to find King Atlan's Trident.

It's likely that this is the first of big reveals, especially with San Diego Comic-Con coming up later this week. The Aquaman panel there will feature the trailer, the first of many that will lead up to the movie's release this coming December. That panel will also delve further into what fans can expect from the film. Aquaman certainly seems like it could break the curse of DC movies, particularly those that get generally panned by critics and fans, but only time will tell.

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Source: JoBlo

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