Aquaman: Two-Thirds Of The Movie Takes Place Underwater

UPDATE: Read everything revealed by the Aquaman set visit reports.

The forthcoming entry of Warner Bros' DC movie universe, Aquaman, will feature two-thirds of the movie taking place underwater. The last entry into the series was Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder. While some time has passed since the aforementioned film hit theaters, Aquaman will feature the title character on an adventure of his own, returning home and battling his brother for the crown.

Fans of the Aquaman comics have been looking forward to what James Wan's vision will be for the big screen adaptation. The first Aquaman trailer will premiere during the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego this weekend, one year since fans were treated to the first footage from Aquaman at SDCC 2017. Anticipation for the trailer has only grown. Cast members have been dropping some hints about the film saying it will feature a faithful adaptation of the original comics. Now, fans can anticipate the film will feature much of its action underwater.

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According to JoBlo's set visit report, two-thirds of James Wan's Aquaman will take place underwater. The story will feature much of Arthur Curry's home, Atlantis. Learning that he is the heir to the thrown, he must step forward to take his place as the leader of his people, forgoing his choice to be a hero to the world. The underwater metropolis will be unlike anything fans have seen before. In order for the film to achieve this look, actors were often harnessed and attached to wires, with, at times, 10 crew members maneuvering the actors during scenes. The people of Atlantis will feature a new look, too. Living underwater, Atlantean citizens have enhanced physical features and thrive underwater, but that does not make them immune to their own technology.

The look of the Atlantean people will even extend to their armor. Reminiscent of elements from the Elvish people in the Lord of the Rings series, colorful armor and weaponry will also be a staple of the film's underwater look. Additionally, some of those weapons include underwater guns and various other weaponry working around the element of water. During the filming process, Wan worked diligently to ensure the look of the underwater world was believable for fans of the comic.

Wan and DC will be introducing the first underwater superhero film to the genre. Noting how much time and energy Wan and his team put into just the aesthetics of the project, fans will no doubt be given quite the unique experience. The Aquaman series has a very distinct look, unlike anything else in the DC movie series. Wan's film could, very well, set itself apart from other DC entries that have been met with little success and have a distinct, visual darkness to them. With Aquaman, DC fans will be welcomed to bold colors, new character looks, and a completely different world as they follow Arthur Curry to Atlantis.

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Source: JoBlo

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