Aquaman Five-Minute Trailer Reveals First Look At Comic Costume

An extended 5-minute video for DC's Aquaman movie has been released, giving fans a better look at the story, the stars, and the action in store for Jason Momoa's first solo movie as the DCEU's version of Aquaman.

Even though Momoa's take on Aquaman was already introduced in Justice League, fans have been eager to see how director James Wan would use the hero's powers and underwater playground to craft a fantastical adventure. The first trailer for Aquaman debuted during San Diego Comic-Con, but when reports began to widely state that the Hall H footage of Aquaman was better than the trailer, the demand for another showcase dialed up faster than usual. And finally, Aquaman fans get to see that longer look at the next adventure in DC's movie universe.

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Even though moviegoers have a good idea of what to expect for the tone of Aquaman, having spent an entire movie getting to know Arthur Curry's gruff, irreverent, but fearless demeanor, the movie isn't a "sequel" to Justice League in the traditional sense. Where Wonder Woman was free to tell its own origin story after Diana's debut in BvS, James Wan has been allowed to craft his own Aquaman origin movie tied to Justice League as much, or as little, as he desires. A positive response to Momoa's hero will help, but the new trailer confirms this new story is all Aquaman's. Watch the extended video below.

The extended video confirms Arthur's attitude is what's selling this adventure, not to mention showing more of Mera (Amber Heard) in action as a partner to Arthur, and not just a sidekick or love interest. The trailer also highlights the threat posed by Arthur's brother and de facto King of Atlantis, Orm (Patrick Wilson). And as was made clear in the first trailer, that the love story between Arthur's father (Temura Morrison) and mother (Nicole Kidman) will be what gets the movie's heart beating in the first place.

Fans will still have plenty of questions about the movie, its adaptation of DC Comics mythology, and the completely uncertain DC "shared universe" it will be released into. It's a strange twist of fate that has turned Aquaman from a movie hero and franchise to be scoffed at, to a potential blockbuster softening the blow of needing to cast a new Superman (not to mention a stalled Batman series).

We did recently get the chance to speak with director James Wan from the Aquaman editing bay, so be sure to read our breakdown of Aquaman's new action scenes, and how the movie will explain how Aquaman breathes underwater.

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