Aquaman Preview: New Scene Descriptions & Plot Details

We got a sneak peek at the new Aquaman movie from director James Wan. Here's all the scenes and new plot details fans need to know about.

Warning: SPOILERS for Aquaman

The mystery of DC's Aquaman has been partly solved, now that we know how several key scenes involving Arthur's mother, and the hero's own trip to Atlantis will factor into the bigger story. Arranged marriages, broken families, and genuine chemistry are making the Aquaman movie seem more and more like the old-fashioned adventure DC may need.

Screen Rant got the chance to visit with director James Wan in the Aquaman editing bay, previewing a number of scenes and breaking down how each sneak peek will turn the former laughing stock of superheroes into something new, something fun, and something we're dying to see the rest of. But for the fans who couldn't see this new footage for themselves, we're breaking down the scenes and the surprisingly key plot details they reveal.

Needless to say, there will be SPOILERS for Aquaman ahead.

The Prologue: Aquaman's Parents

After getting another look at the footage of Aquaman shown in Hall H at this year's Comic-Con, we move onto what looks to be the very opening of the movie, beginning with Jason Momoa narrating the very start of Arthur Curry's origin story. There are only a handful of shots featuring Arthur's parents Tom (Temuera Morrison) and Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman). Fans have seen brief shots of Atlanna washing up on the shore during a massive storm, and Tom picking her up and carrying her indoors.

After coughing up enough water to embarrass a lifeguard - the first glimpse of the explanation for how Aquaman can breathe air and water - Atlanna awakens the following day, completely disoriented and more than a little confused at the furry, four-legged, wagging creature living with Tom in his home.

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The romance is understandably fast-forwarded, with Tom explaining the concept of coffee and television (the latter of which Atlanna spears with her massive quindent), before love soon blossoms, and the pair are shown in bed together - Atlanna's belly swollen to fit the growing Arthur.

As Momoa's narration warns that this union - "a love that should never have been" - may come with a price, the early days of parenthood seem happy enough. Atlanna now donning land-dweller clothing, and considering what to name their son (Arthur goes over well with both parents). Sadly, this picture of domestic bliss can't last.

First Atlanna Fight & Her Departure

The peaceful seaside home is obliterated in an instant, both figuratively and (at least somewhat) literally. As one wall of the house explodes from an outside attack, the armed guards of Atlantis arrive reciting orders to take Atlanna into custody and return her to Atlantis. The shot of an Atlantean boot crushing a family photo now tossed to the floor isn't exactly subtle, but it gets the point across. Atlanna tells Tom to toss her the quindent she brought with her to shore, and flee with Arthur to safety.

What follows next is an extended fight sequence as Atlanna dismantles the Atlanteans one by one, punctuated by a single long take, following Atlanna as she leaps and slides from one side of the house to the other, kicking, punching, and using her enemies' weapons against them. Eventually, she has subdued every Atlantean... but the point is still made: this home is no longer safe, so long as she lives there. Returning to the Atlantean bodysuit she arrived in, Atlanna gives Arthur and Tom one last embrace, leaves behind her quindent, and promises her husband that she will return when it's safe.

She doesn't, we soon learn, along with the true scale of the damage her actions have wrought on more than one would-be hero.

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