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Aquaman's Main Villain Is Orm

In the comics, both Black Manta and Orm/Ocean Master are recurring antagonists for Arthur Curry's Aquaman. However, Wan's DC movie will have one main villain, and one secondary villain. King Orm is the main villain of Aquaman, with Wan describing the chief conflict as being between the brothers. No doubt, this conflict will have to do with the throne of Atlantis, of which Arthur is the heir. That leaves Black Manta to be a secondary antagonist, though perhaps Wan's film sets him up to be a bigger threat in a potential follow-up to Aquaman.

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Considering what we know of how Aquaman will handle its villains, it's unclear if either Orm or Black Manta will fully become their comic book counterparts in this movie. Since Orm is referred to as King Orm in Entertainment Weekly's coverage, rather than Ocean Master, he may not adopt that moniker until late in the film - if at all. Similarly, EW's photo of Black Manta only features the villain's helmet, so it's unknown when in the movie he'll assemble the full suit.

Orm Is An 'Eco-Warrior'

EW spoke to Wan and Wilson about the main villain of the movie, specifically in regards to King Orm's motivations. According to Wilson, Orm is an "eco-warrior," and is looking to wage war on land dwellers in retaliation for humans polluting the oceans for many years. This lines up with the Aquaman synopsis that surfaced even before the movie started filming.

That early synopsis detailed a conflict between the denizens of the seven underwater kingdoms and those living on land. However, since Curry's the son of an Atlantean and a human, he has a stake in both sides of the potential war. It also indicates from where the conflict between Orm and Arthur will arise - their differing views on what should be done.

How Aquaman Is Different From Other DC Movies

Unlike other entries in the DCEU, Aquaman is set in the underwater world of Atlantis. This allowed for Wan to create a whole "separate" world from movies like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and Justice League. Though we've seen glimpses of Aquaman's underwater realm in both Batman V Superman and Justice League, we'll see so much more of it in Wan's film. And that world is expansive, with seven different underwater kingdoms, soldiers riding great white sharks, and sea dragons.

Certainly, with those descriptions alone, Aquaman promises to be unlike anything else we've seen in the DC movie universe thus far. And fans are keen to get a look at that underwater world for themselves in the first Aquaman trailer, when that arrives "soon." 

How Aquaman Handles Dialogue

One of the discussion points surrounding Aquaman has been how it will handle underwater dialogue. Justice League featured Aquaman and Mera creating an air pocket for themselves to speak freely, but Arthur Curry's solo outing will take a slightly different approach - one that's much simpler. As Wan explained, the characters of Aquaman will just talk like normal underwater. Considering the Atlanteans are a race of people living underwater, that certainly makes the most sense.

Aquaman Sets DCEU 'On The Right Path'

EW kicked off their Aquaman coverage with some insight from Warner Bros. executives and other creatives behind the film. Former DC Entertainment head Geoff Johns praised the "big bright colorful action" of Aquaman, teasing a much different kind of DC movie. Plus, producer Peter Safran touted Aquaman as "an extraordinary step in [the] DCEU," which will no doubt please fans who have been disappointed by the DC movies of recent years.

Undoubtedly, Aquaman will be a very different kind of DC film just by virtue of its setting and character, but perhaps that will only help Wan's installment to become another hit in this comic book movie franchise.

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