Aquaman: James Wan Says Dr. Shin Was Always in the Script

Despite Randall Park just now starting to film on Aquaman, director James Wan assures fans his character has been part of the movie for a long time. DC has had a rocky time at the box office since they kicked off the DCEU, but things behind the scenes have been even more chaotic. The Flash movie is still up in the air, rumors continue to swirl about the star and story of The Batman, and Justice League infamously went through reshoots, CGI, and a director change. And on top of fans wondering when the Aquaman trailer will drop, the movie publicly pushed back its release date twice.

Thankfully, production on Aquaman has seemingly gone much smoother than those on the DCEU tentpoles before it. Wan has built up plenty of goodwill thanks to his horror films and efforts on Furious 7, but the question remains whether his tone can translate to a swashbuckling hero adventure. As such, the announcement that Randall Park has begun filming Aquaman as a seemingly new character raised concerns that the movie's script has been changed at the last minute.

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Wan took to Twitter to address the idea that Park's character Dr. Shin was added to Aquaman in the eleventh hour. The film is currently undergoing pickup shoots/reshoots and the announcement of Park's involvement seemed to indicate that his character's storyline was a new addition to the movie. As Wan has now explained, that isn't the case:

Reshoots are often employed for blockbusters to rework certain scenes, involve actors who were previously unavailable, or in some cases add some additional material. Increasingly, we've seen tentpole films employ the latter technique as writers, directors, and tones have changed. Rogue One and Justice League both famously went through this process. The New Mutants is even reshooting half the film to make it more of a proper horror movie.

We don't yet know the extent of the Aquaman pickup shoots, but so far there's been no indication that the tone or story is being changed or that there have been any issues with the director. Wan's clarification of the situation with Park (read: he wasn't available to film until now) offers further assurance that the movie is still rolling along as planned. There's always the risk that could change in the near future, but Aquaman is testing well so far and could be on its way to becoming the DCEU's second critical/commercial success after Wonder Woman.

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Source: James Wan

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