Queen Atlanna Showcases Her Fighting Skills in Latest Aquaman Clip

Aquaman Atlanna and Atlantis Soldiers

Update: Yet another Aquaman clip has been released, this one featuring Aquaman and his brother Orm exchanging harsh words before their battle for control of Atlantis. Check it out below. A clip of Arthur and Mera battling sea monsters can also be seen at that link.

Atlanna's full Aquaman fight sequence has been released online. The mother of Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry, the former Queen of Atlantis is played by Nicole Kidman in the upcoming James Wan-directed movie. Serving as the origin story for the man who-would-be king of the underwater civilization, the film will tackle Arthur's journey to prove that he's the rightful leader of Atlantis.

With just a little bit over a week before Aquaman hits U.S. theaters, Warner Bros.' marketing machine for the project is fully running. Momoa, Amber Heard (Mera) and the rest of the cast alongside Wan have been busy doing press rounds around the world following the movie's big red carpet premiere. Meanwhile, new promo spots continue to be released, including this latest one which puts Kidman's Queen Atlanna front and center.

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Warner Bros. has released the full scene (posted on YouTube by Muhamad Rizki) of Queen Atlanna's fight against a few underwater creatures using her five-pronged weapon - the same one that her son has been wielding before he finds the Trident of Neptune. The scene takes place while Arthur is still a young boy, and it seems like he and Atlanna were living quietly as a family with Thomas Curry (Temuera Morrison). However, her past life continues to haunt the Queen, resulting in the need to defend those she loves. Watch the video below:

Fans have seen a snippet of said sequence in previously released footage from Aquaman, but it's always been played over Arthur's narration of his life as a half-human/half-Atlantean. Regardless, since a chunk of the action set piece was unveiled, it has been one of the most intriguing snippets of the movie that people have seen thus far. Considering what's known about the film, this dangerous encounter may just be what drives Atlanna back to Atlantis. Trailers have revealed that at one point, she'll leave her son on the surface, telling Thomas that Arthur will someday unite their worlds. After that, no one really knows what happened to her.

Considering that Aquaman takes place after Arthur's first superhero mission with the rest of the World's Finest Heroes in Justice League, the film will incorporate a series of flashbacks like this one. Fans will see Arthur in various stages of his life, including being a young boy bullied in school for his capability to communicate with underwater creatures, and during his early years of training with Vulko. This way, Wan is able to establish the lead character's history, and inn turn make him more compelling for viewers.

So far, early reviews for Aquaman are generally positive - a great way for Warner Bros. and the DCEU to make its comeback to the superhero arena after taking more than a year hiatus to regroup and adjust their plans following the financial disappointment that was Justice League. With the possibility of another hit on their hands, the studio is already talking about a sequel, and just like Wonder Woman with Wonder Woman 1984, there's a good chance that the same team of cast and crew might be brought back for it.

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Source: Warner Bros. (via Muhamad Rizki)

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