Aquaman Can Talk to Fish and That's OK

The DCEU Aquaman Movie Is Going All In... On Fish Powers And More

Aquaman director James Wan has confirmed that Arthur Curry will display the full range of his powers from the comics in the movie, including "talking to fish." While it is unknown how this may factor into the movie's action sequences, the presence of several sharks on the first movie poster suggests some bloody battles are to be expected. It has also been confirmed that one flashback sequence will detail how a young Arthur Curry discovered his power to command sea creatures while on a field trip to the Boston Aquarium.

Even if Aquaman did not possess his most unique superpower, he would still be a force to be reckoned with. It was recently confirmed that Atlanteans in the DC Extended Universe are almost as strong as Superman in many respects. The reason for this is simple logic and has been carried over from the original Aquaman comic books. In order for any creature to survive on the ocean floor, their body must be able to withstand amazing pressures that would crush an ordinary human's body instantly.

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This superhuman density translates to a host of other useful abilities when an Atlantean emerges on-land. Their enhanced physiology offers them greater strength, speed and endurance relative to an ordinary human. Atlanteans also possess enhanced eye-sight and hearing, due to light and sound not traveling as well through water as they do through the air, and their bodies have evolved to compensate over time.

All of this adds up to make Aquaman far more powerful than many would suspect. Armed with advanced Atlantean weapons or ancient magical artifacts, he can tip the scales even further. Yet even without the advantages offered by his position as King of Atlantis, Arthur Curry is not to be underestimated.

This Aquaman ISN'T A Reinvention

Aquaman #1 2011 Splash Page

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about James Wan's Aquaman movie to date is how close it sticks to the core concept of the character from the classic comic books. When a comic book character is adapted to the big screen, there is a temptation for the screenwriter and director to eliminate some aspects of the character as what works on the printed page might just look silly on the silver screen, and it's easy to understand why those fears could exist with Aquaman. Such was the case with Batman for many years, before Tim Burton's 1989 film restored the original image of The Dark Knight as a figure of terror and mystery. Before that, the most popular image of Batman in the popular culture was of Adam West dancing the Batusi when he wasn't lecturing Robin on proper grammar and safe driving techniques.

Ironically, there have been several efforts to try and toughen-up Aquaman's image in the comics long before there was ever any thought of having him headline a major motion picture. The first came in 1994, when Aquaman grew out his hair and a beard in an effort to look more manly. He also lost his hand after an encounter with some piranhas, replacing it with a hook and losing his trademark orange shirt in favor of a metal harness with a long pauldron on his right shoulder. This so-called "pirate Aquaman" look would endure for the better part of a decade, informing the character's appearance in the DC Animated Universe.

A 2002 revamp of the Aquaman series saw Arthur Curry's hook-hand replaced with a hand made of magical water. This was a gift from The Lady of The Lake, which gave him a number of magical powers related to healing and controlling the flow of water around him. Aquaman would be revamped once again in 2006, with a new Sword of Atlantis series, depicting him as an undersea swashbuckler whose adventures in a more fantasy-themed Atlantis more greatly resembled Conan The Barbarian than the original Aquaman comics.

In fact, there is some small irony then that Jason Momoa, an actor who once played Conan The Barbarian, should be cast as Aquaman. Yet despite Jason Momoa looking very much like the 1990s incarnation of Aquaman with his long hair and beard, the upcoming film is firmly focused on bringing the spirit of the character from the classic comic books to life. Thankfully, that character is a true hero capable of far more than just "talking to fish."

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