Aquaman Movie Poster Gets A LEGO Makeover

Take a look at LEGO's fantastic attempt to recreate DC's official poster for Aquaman in their own unmistakable style. Jason Momoa's aquatic hero first appeared in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice before then joining the team of superheroes in Justice League. Directed by James Wan, the Aquaman movie is now set to release towards the end of the year and features an impressive supporting cast that includes the likes of Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe and Nicole Kidman. The Aquaman movie will see Momoa's Arthur Curry attempt to avert a war between the citizens of Atlantis and the regular folk on the surface.

Much like the Justice League movie itself, the DCEU's Aquaman received a mixed response from fans and Momoa himself even admitted that he didn't necessarily agree with certain parts of his dialogue in the movie. However, with Wan promising to take a somewhat different approach to certain elements of the character, there is still plenty of excitement surrounding the release of Aquaman and the trailer shown as this year's San Diego Comic-Con was both one of the most hotly anticipated and best received. Warner Bros. also released a teaser poster for Aquaman which featured the titular hero surrounded by sharks, along with the tagline "Home is Calling."

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The fine people over at LEGO have now released their own version of the poster via the company's official Twitter. The spoof artwork presents both Arthur Curry and his fishy followers in LEGO's typically quirky and colorful style.

Aquaman Lego Poster

Although LEGO's poster faithfully copies over many details of DC's original, it's interesting to note that LEGO-Aquaman's costume is more comic-accurate than that of his live-action counterpart, featuring the traditional golden yellow top rather than Momoa's tattoo-covered skin. It's highly likely that this alteration was intended to simply make the LEGO poster more bright and child-friendly but since the DCEU's Aquaman has already attracted a few critics over his costume design, it's an interesting change nonetheless.

Despite the positive reaction to Aquaman's trailer, Warner Bros. undoubtedly have a lot riding on Aquaman's release. Company executives have admitted on several occasions that the current run of DC movies is performing below expectations (Wonder Woman aside) and with several non-DCEU projects currently in development, such as the Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker, the long-term future of the franchise is far from certain. The success, or otherwise, of Aquaman will be a strong indication as to how long DC's shared universe can continue.

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Source: LEGO (via Twitter)

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