James Wan Defends Jason Momoa's Leather Pants in Aquaman Poster

Aquaman director James Wan justifies Arthur Curry wearing leather pants under the sea in the first official poster for the movie. The Jason Momoa-led flick, which hits theaters this December and ends the DCEU's 13-month hiatus, has started its marketing campaign. Last month, there was an extensive feature in EW on the movie, and more recently, the first one-sheet (as well as set visit details). But while most fans are pretty stoked with the cool poster, one fan is questioning why the titular hero is sporting leather trousers underwater.

Set after the events of Justice League, Aquaman will follow Arthur's return to Atlantis as he proves himself worthy to be the king of the underwater civilization. It won't be a walk in the park for Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) and Thomas Curry's (Temuera Morrison) son, with other people wanting to be the king of Atlantis. Fortunately, the Human-Atlantean hybrid will find some genuine allies including Amber Heard's Mera.

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Wan took it to Twitter to explain why Arthur is sporting leather bottoms underwater as seen in the first official poster for Aquaman after a fan pointed it out, insinuating that it doesn't make any sense. While the filmmaker gracefully and lightheartedly answered the nitpick, other fans who joined the conversation reiterated that Aquaman is fiction and people shouldn't be so hung-up on these frivolous details. The fact that it's a film that features an underwater kingdom should've already sent a clear message that it's a fantastical story. If anything, Wan and his team have done a tremendous job creating an underwater world that's a visual feast using a combination of practical and computer-generated effects - at least based on the promotional stills released for the flick thus far. See Wan's post in the space below:

Aquaman actually sports glossy-looking bottoms in some of his comic book issues, which can only really be compared to latex pants in the real world - something that would be really difficult to pull off even for a guy like Momoa. So while wearing leather trousers underwater doesn't really make sense, these somehow mimics the look of his glossy print bottoms (just less shiny) which is a detail avid comic book readers definitely appreciate.

In hindsight, Aquaman's movie costume has always been a cause for concern for fans. While his bright orange and green suit mostly works in the comics and the animated series, it's difficult to pull off the exact look in a live-action film without risking the possibility of looking goofy. Warner Bros. has done a good job in mining inspiration from the superheroes' iconic print suit and making slight changes in order for it to look cool and edgy on the big screen, as well as to suit the kind of edgy vibe that Momoa brings to the character. With the first trailer for the film expected to drop later this week at San Diego Comic-Con, fortunately fans won't have to wait too long to see how Momoa's costumes actually look in action.

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Source: James Wan/Twitter

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