Aquaman Wears Denim Pants, NOT Leather

Aquaman star Jason Momoa reveals Arthur Curry is wearing denim pants in the film's official poster - NOT leather pants like many fans thought. Momoa was first introduced as Arthur Curry in the DC movie franchise with a brief clip in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It wasn't until 2017's Justice League that fans really got to see Aquaman in action - and Momoa's superhero quickly became a fan-favorite. Next, he'll lead his own title later this year in Aquaman, directed by James Wan.

In an effort to promote the movie during San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Warner Bros. brought out the cast of Aquaman as part of their two-hour movie panel. In addition to debuting the first trailer for Aquaman, the cast and director also briefly spoke about what fans can expect from the film. And, in one hilarious comment, Momoa addressed the concerns fans had about his underwater superhero when the first Aquaman movie poster was revealed earlier this week and seemed to depict Arthur wearing leather pants in water.

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Wan defended the Aquaman movie poster when it received good-natured criticism from fans for featuring the underwater superhero wearing entirely non-sensible leather pants in the ocean. And Arthur Curry himself defended the outfit he wears on the poster during the film's Comic-Con panel by clarifying that Aquaman wears denim pants, not leather pants like fans thought. However, Momoa added, pants weren't exactly a much better choice, since the wet denim he wore while filming Aquaman still restricted his range of movement.

What fabric pants Aquaman wears in his solo movie may not be a concern to every fan of the DC Comics character, but it's a fun bit of trivia that Momoa offered in response to the online conversation. However, now that the first Aquaman trailer has arrived, and Warner Bros. screened additional footage from Aquaman that will remain an exclusive to Hall H, the online discussion of Momoa's movie will no doubt move on to something else. In particular, what the actor looks like wearing the classic Aquaman comic costume in the movie, which was featured in the Hall H footage.

Since this marks only the beginning of the main promotional push for Aquaman ahead of the film's December release date, expect plenty more footage, teasers and posters to be revealed in the coming months. Whether or not fans continue to discuss Aquaman's pants remains to be seen, but the fact that folks online were talking about the movie at all - even if it's the main character's choice of clothing - is a good indication Warner Bros. is effectively building buzz for their next DC offering. Hopefully that translates to enthusiasm for Aquaman once it swims into theaters later this year.

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