Aquaman Poster Shows Comic Costume & Trident; Trailer Likely Tomorrow

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A new Aquaman poster was unveiled today promising a much more comic accurate conclusion to the upcoming film. After first being announced in 2014 along with the rest of Warner Bros.' initial slate of DCEU movies, Aquaman is finally hitting theaters this year as the lone superhero movie from the iconic comic book publisher, even though the original plan was to release The Flash movie as well at the start of the year.

Starring Jason Momoa as the eponymous superhero, James Wan's Aquaman is slated to continue the story that left off with 2017's Justice League and take the DC Films studio in a somewhat different direction - though it's still a production that comes from the previous administration - under the guidance of new leadership. Although the comic book superhero is as old as they come, having first made his debut in the early 1940s, this will mark the first time that he's been adapted onto the big screen in live-action in his own movie - and that's something that fans are excited about.

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To kick off New York Comic Con today with a bang, Momoa shared a brand new poster for the Aquaman movie on his Instagram account, which not only teases a much more comic accurate superhero costume that fans have seen several times now thanks to various movie tie-in toys, but also Arthur Curry acquiring the iconic Trident from the comics. Also, in his Instagram post (which Wan also confirms in his tweet) is a message about "something exciting is coming tomorrow", most likely hinting at a new trailer release. Take a look the new poster:

It's been heavily rumored that a new trailer would be arriving sometime around New York Comic Con 2018, and the new teases from both the actor and director would indicate as much. Plus, this is the same procedure they followed - releasing a brand new poster first - ahead of releasing a the first trailer at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 earlier this year. Plus, with the movie hitting theaters in just over two months, it's high-time a new, more intricate trailer releases, shedding more light into the actual plot of the movie.

From the first teaser trailer, it appeared that Aquaman was about Arthur dethroning his brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson). While that's true, it turns out that the main subplot of the movie is Arthur and Mera searching for King Atlan's Trident (seen in the poster above). It's what will empower him, literally in some instances, to become the King of Atlantis - which is ultimately what this solo movie is fundamentally about. All in all, it seems likely that a new Aquaman trailer will release tomorrow, but whether it's derivative of the SDCC trailer or something new entirely (perhaps even the trailer that was shown exclusively to SDCC attendees), remains to be seen.

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