New Aquaman Toys Show Off Orm in Yellow Armor, Brine King, & More

Aquaman Ocean Master Orm Patrick Wilson

New toys from Aquaman reveal Orm in a yellow suit and much more. Warner Bros. is gearing up for this December's Aquaman, which is the latest movie from the DC Extended Universe and the only DC film that's being released in theaters in 2018. The marketing campaign for the movie has focused largely on Jason Momoa returning to the role of Arthur Curry, as well as the adventure at the heart of the film and the introduction to the DCEU's as-yet unexplored underwater landscape.

Atlantis was briefly introduced in Justice League, but director James Wan will get to properly flesh out the world with Aquaman. The seven underwater kingdoms will be a big focus of the film, with Arthur's half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) currently ruling them. We've seen him several times in the Aquaman trailers already, but the character is dressed in brand-new armor in the film's newly-unveiled toyline.

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Screen Rant has spotted a few new toys for Aquaman. One of the packages is a three piece set that includes Momoa in his comic accurate Aquaman suit with the trident. While the latter was featured in Aquaman's extended trailer, Orm's yellow armor here has never been seen before. This pack also includes the Brine King, with the bring having shown up in the trailers already. The second toy set pictured here packages another Aquaman with Orm (this time, in his purple suit), Black Manta, and General Murk.

While these toys are from Aquaman's official toyline, this does not necessarily mean that all of these designs are in the movie. Toy companies often release film toylines that include alternate character designs - like the Armored Lex Luthor figure from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice toyline, for example. That said, Orm has already been shown wearing black armor in the Aquaman trailer footage, while a previously-released Aquaman magazine cover featured the character with his purple and silver look.

Since we've yet to see Orm wearing either his yellow or purple and silver armor in the trailers, it's not clear yet if either suit will actually appear in the Aquaman movie. The purple suit and silver mask have been teased (as mentioned earlier), but the yellow armor hasn't. While it's possible the yellow armor simply won't be featured in much of the film, it's also plausible that Orm won't wear it at all in Aquaman.

The release of these toys is just the latest piece of marketing to come from Aquaman too. Wan recently revealed the first look at Vulko (Willem Dafoe), which also included an additional image of Orm. We also got a new Aquaman TV spot this month, which followed on the heels of the extended Aquaman trailer at the start of October. Now that we're just two months away from Aquaman hitting theaters, there's sure to be even more images, footage, and toys revealed.

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