Karl Urban Rumored For 'Aquaman' Villain; New Director Eyed?

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Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have only released one film - Man of Steel - which exists within the shared movie universe they're building, and not until Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives will we have a clearer picture of this universe's shared aesthetic, tone, etc.. That being said, we do have a good grasp on just who WB/DC want to use in their cinematic universe, and of their roster of heroes, the hardest sell will very likely be Aquaman.

For many - comic book enthusiasts and casual moviegoers alike - the King of the Seas is a punchline (whose only substantial contribution to the Justice League is being able to talk to fish). Suffice it to say, that's not a promising start for a character expected to headline his own blockbuster in 2018. But as we previously outlined, there's quite a lot about Aquaman and his mythos that could make him DC's next breakout star.

Of those arguments - one of the strongest for Aquaman's viability as a franchise - is the fascinating world of Atlantis. Not only should an underwater kingdom prove visually captivating, but Atlantis can be a kingdom ripe with corruption, with citizens who mistrust anything to do with the surface world.

Aquaman director already set?

With Arthur not being 100% Atlantean, the comics have regularly dealt with those in Atlantis who would oppose his rule. As is often the case with royal succession, those who oppose Arthur will choose another as their rightful king: Enter Arthur's younger, half-brother, Orm (a.k.a. Ocean Master); a power-hungry man who would do anything to take the throne away from his "outsider" brother.

It's unclear if Orm has a part to play in WB/DC's Aquaman, but if a recent casting rumor is to be believed, then we think it's at the very least plausible. Latino Review has the scoop, citing sources who claim that WB is patiently waiting for Star Trek 3 to wrap production so they can snatch up Karl Urban for an unspecified supporting role in Aquaman - most likely the villain.

Karl Urban Star Trek 2 Interview
Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy in 'Star Trek.'

Choosing Orm as the primary antagonist in Aquaman is a smart move for a variety of reasons, the biggest being how smoothly it ties in with how Arthur's mixed heritage is viewed by his fellow Atlanteans. Xenophobia is rampant in Atlantis, and a half-breed king won't sit well with many of its citizens.

The choice of Urban for Orm (if that is indeed who he'd play) is an even smarter move. For one, Urban is a high profile actor among the Comic-Con crowd, having starred in Dredd, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and Almost Human. He's also an actor with an impressive range that hasn't had the chance to play a certified villain (in a strong production), and Urban could do much with a role like the egotistical and elitist Orm.

Then there's the opportunity to see Urban play off Jason Momoa's Aquaman. The two couldn't be more different physically, and that will work well towards presenting the two brothers as opposing but equally formidable forces.

Aquaman vs. Ocean Master Orm

Aquaman is a chance for WB/DC to tell a politically charged, brutal story about rightful heirs and succession set in a visually stunning undersea kingdom. And if that is the angle they're hoping for, then the latest rumored director appears to be a good fit.

LR states that in addition to Urban, WB is also looking to 300: Rise of an Empire's director Noam Murro to helm Aquaman. Previously, we had heard Jeff Nichols (Mud) was WB's top choice, but Murro has apparently impressed WB enough that he's now in the running as well (having presumably gotten Snyder's approval already).

What do you think of Karl Urban potentially being the villain in Aquaman? Could he play Aquaman's half-brother, Orm? And is Noam Murro the director to bring Aquaman and Atlantis to the big screen? Let us hear what you think in the comments below!

Aquaman is expected in theaters on July 27th, 2018.

Source: Latino Review

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