DCEU Producer Confirms Aquaman Set After Justice League

Justice League (2017) - Jason Momoa as Aquaman

There will be a continuation of the timeline in the current DC Extended Universe as executive producer Charles Roven confirms that Aquaman will be set after the events of Justice League. This means that in some way, Jason Momoa's fully fledged debut of the character will be in the upcoming ensemble film hitting theaters by November.

As of now, the production is currently in progress with various additional information rounding up the internet from the film's set in Australia. This includes a shot of Arthur (Momoa) and Mera (played by Amber Heard) for the first time together. Meanwhile, the first look of the Aquaman was first revealed via a short video file that Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) sent to Bruce Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice showing him underwater.  Since then, a few sneak peeks of Momoa's character have been released - arguably the most extensive one thus far is his bit with Bruce in the first Justice League trailer shown at the 2016 Comic-Con. Unfortunately, despite all the cool photos, no official synopsis for Aquaman has yet to be released - though there are rumored ones right now.

Roven confirmed Aquaman being set after Justice League in a recent interview with CinemaBlend. He even added that by the time Momoa stars in his character's own standalone, there will be times that the events of Justice League will be referenced.

"Aquaman will make reference [to Justice League]. There will be some reference of something that preceded Aquaman that will be in Aquaman. I believe that is the intention."

Justice League - Flash, Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman

The executive producer also praised the project's director, James Wan, for having a clear understanding of where he wants to take the story of Arthur in a way that will still take into consideration everything that happened to the character prior to his solo film. Furthermore, Roven emphasized that since they are building one cohesive cinematic universe, they can definitely play along with the timelines just as long as there will be no conflicts in terms of the overall running narrative.

"James [Wan] definitely knows where he's going with [Aquaman], and that movie takes place in a world where Justice League happened, and Man of Steel happened, and Wonder Woman obviously takes place before Man of Steel -- except for the bookends we have. So that's where we have the most ability to freeform. We could do a movie that takes place after Justice League, we can do a movie that takes place after Batman v Superman... well not really. You can't do a movie in between Batman v Superman and Justice League, but we can do movies that take place after Justice League and we can do movies that precede Justice League."

With no confirmed synopsis, it is difficult to predict where Warner Bros. is going with Aquaman. But given Roven's comments, it seems that whatever happens with Arthur in Justice League will have a huge impact on his perspective and maybe even his situation by the time he comes back to his own world

It is important to note that during the first trailer for Justice League, Arthur seems to be aloof, isolated and even grumpy. When Bruce made contact with him, his first instinct was to shove him up the wall. But since it can be assumed that by the end of the ensemble film, everyone in the lineup including Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), The Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Superman (Henry Cavill) have set aside their differences and worked together, it is interesting how this will impact Arthur moving forward.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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