Aquaman Movie Confirms Justice League Quindent Isn't the Iconic Trident

UPDATE: Read everything revealed by the Aquaman set visit reports.

The Aquaman movie will confirm that the quindet wielded by Arthur Curry in Justice League is not the trident from the comic books. Comic book fans can rest assured, though, that the trident will play an essential part in Aquaman's solo movie.

In the comics, Aquaman's primary weapon is the three-pronged Trident of Neptune. As one of the seven Relics of Atlantis, it is a magical weapon that bestows power upon the man who wields it. This power includes the ability to command the waters of the seas, control the weather and even unleash bolts of lightning if needed. However, the weapon Aquaman carried in the Justice League film was not the signature trident from the comic books. The quindet confused many fans and made them wonder why Warner Bros. deliberately left the trident out of the story.

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After a visit to the set of Aquaman, JoBlo confirms the weapon Arthur wielded in Justice League is not a trident, but a quindet. The movie will explain how the quindet once belonged to Arthur Curry's mother, Queen Atlanna.

A major plot point in the film will have Arthur and Mera searching for King Atlan's trident, but Arthur will have to prove his worth to wield it. In doing so, he will become the king of Atlantis. This means the weapon he carried in Justice League was never intended to replace the trident. Warner Bros. had a solid plan for the trident all along. Aquaman will show how Arthur gets the trident and how he becomes the Atlantean king.

The same set visit recently revealed many new details about the movie, including information about the powers Atlanteans possess and just how strong Aquaman is in the film. A few more details emerged about the kind of armor and weapons the Atlanteans will fight with, as well as the type of sea creatures that come to their army's aid when it is in battle. There are also some new details about how Mera will come across in the movie; although she and Arthur become lovers in the comic books, the film will feature her more as Arthur's equal than a love interest.

DC fans should get excited about this new information concerning the Aquaman movie. Everything so far makes this a film fans won't want to miss. After its several misfires, let's hope the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe only continues to get better.

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Source: JoBlo

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