90% of Aquaman Movie is in IMAX Aspect Ratio, Says James Wan

Aquaman director James Wan reveals nearly all of the finished film will be screened in the full IMAX aspect ratio when it opens in December.

Aquaman Movie Set Photo James Wan

Aquaman director James Wan confirms approximately 90 percent of the finished film will be shown in the full IMAX aspect ratio. Warner Bros. and DC Films are hoping to bounce back from last year's critical and commercial failure, Justice League, with their latest project. After a couple of appearances in the DC Extended Universe, Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry finally gets a chance to headline a film of his own, and the project has steadily been building buzz over the past few months. Early reactions are positive, which is certainly an encouraging sign.

While Aquaman may be of high quality, it hasn't all been good news for the studio during this pre-release period. Initial box office projections pointed to the lowest opening weekend in the DCEU so far, a possible byproduct of the franchise's reputation and stiff competition over the holiday season. WB's marketing team will have to work hard to ensure people make the trek to the theater to check it out, but they just got a nice assist from Wan.

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On Twitter, Wan responded to a follower's question concerning Aquaman's IMAX scenes, revealing essentially the entire movie will take full advantage of the premium format. Check out his post in the space below:

Aquaman's trailers heavily feature the underwater world of Atlantis, showcasing its breathtaking wonder and top-notch visual effects. It would certainly be a treat to watch the film on an IMAX screen, especially since viewers will get to see up to 26 percent more picture. There's no denying Aquaman will look great in its standard 2D and 3D presentations, but IMAX screenings make the movie in question far more immersive. It's a different kind of experience and frequently is worth the extra cost. The upcoming Mortal Engines is another December release looking to make a splash on IMAX, so Aquaman will have to contend with that title as it hopes to give WB a much-needed hit.

Of course, Aquaman's use of IMAX and striking visuals won't mean much if the film itself isn't good. It'll be interesting to see how critics and audiences receive it, especially since the DCEU has had a fairly bumpy road on that front in its first few years of existence (Wonder Woman notwithstanding). Early word-of-mouth points to an enjoyable time at the theater, and Wan is a respected filmmaker with numerous hits under his belt already. In contrast from other DCEU installments, Aquaman had a smooth ride to completion, so ideally that bodes well for its prospects.

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