Aquaman EW Covers Offer First Look at Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna

Nicole Kidman has made her official debut as Queen Atlanna in a pair of new Aquaman-themed magazine covers. The queen of Atlantis was mentioned by Mera (Amber Heard) and Atlanna's son Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) during a scene in last year's Justice League, but will make her proper big screen debut in the Aquaman solo movie later this year. It's not clear just yet what role the character will play in the DC cinematic universe moving forward, though it has been established that her relationship with her half-human son is tense, to put it simply.

Directed by James Wan (The Conjuring, Furious 7), Aquaman will explore a whole new side of the DC movie franchise by (literally) diving into the depths of Atlanna's underwater kingdom and the aquatic realms that surround it. The film promises to deliver some truly unique action along the way, ranging from scenes where Atlanteans ride great white sharks into battle to a wide variety of fantastical underwater creatures never before seen on the big screen. Fans are early anticipating the first Aquaman trailer's arrival this month for that reason, but in the meantime the film's marketing is shifting into gear with the first look image of Kidman's DC counterpart.

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EW will be premiering official images and screenshots from Aquaman online in the very near future. Ahead of then, however, the outlet has published a pair of magazine covers that highlight the film's leads. Momoa's underwater superhero naturally gets a cover all to himself, but he also shares the spotlight with Heard and Kidman (shown here in their costumes as Mera and Queen Atlanna, respectively) in a separate cover. Take a look, below.

Like Aquaman and Mera's costumes, Queen Atlanna's outfit here isn't too far removed from her look in the DC Comics universe, but adds some unique flourishes all the same. Aquaman's costumes were designed by Kym Barrett, who also collaborated with the Wachowskis on The Matrix trilogy, Speed Racer, and Cloud Atlas. Perhaps most notably, however, she designed the evocative sci-fi/fantasy outfits for the Wachowskis' space opera Jupiter Ascending and helped to design Andrew Garfield's web-slinging duds for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Descriptions of the Aquaman trailer shown at CineEurope earlier this week indicate the film is noticeably different looking from DC movies past, and that's already evident in the movie's costume designs alone. In addition to featuring brighter colors, Atlanna's outfit - like Mera's suit, in particular - simply feels more fantastical and less like the grounded superhero armor worn by Superman in Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader in Batman V Superman. That's all the more encouraging because it suggests that Wan's Aquaman should be as visually stunning as the DC movies that came before it, but also look and feel unique at the same time. Such a fresh approach may indeed serve to keep the DC film universe "on the right path" here, as promised.

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Source: EW

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