Aquaman Movie: First Look at a Sea Dragon Revealed

A brand new image of Aquaman's sea dragon emerges online. Directed by James Wan and starring Jason Momoa as the titular hero, the forthcoming flick ends Warner Bros' superhero movie hiatus after last November's Justice League. Set after the events of Steppenwolf's failed attempt at taking over Earth, Arthur Curry returns home and begins his journey to claim his place as the rightful king of Atlantis.

Ahead of the Aquaman's presentation later this week at San Diego Comic-Con as part of the Warner Bros. panel, promotional images, as well as official details with regard to the movie, continue to pour out. The latest one is a better look at one of the film's new creatures: a Xebellian sea dragon, which is mainly used by the people of Xebel, one of the seven underwater kingdoms, this one led by King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren) while Mera (Amber Heard) is one of their warriors.

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As part of EW's extensive coverage of Aquaman comes a closer look at a sea dragon that will be featured in the film. Mining inspiration from the goofy seahorse the hero used as a means of transportation in the animated series, Super Friends, this version of the creature looks better, and definitely more imposing. Instead of the funny-looking iteration of the sea animal in the popular show, the film's incarnation resembles a traditional Chinese dragon, which has a very detailed aesthetic. The change is very on-brand with the kind of edgy and cool vibe that Wan and Warner Bros. is going for with their live-action adaptation of the character. Check out the image below.

Producer Peter Safran confirmed the decision behind the design changes they did for the creature when asked about it by EW. While the sea dragon is usually used by the people of Xebel, he also insinuated fans might see Arthur ride one of them in the film. “The idea was to turn on its head the idea of Aquaman riding a seahorse, take something for which he was mocked and turn it into something terrifying and impressive. He’s a Xebellian creature but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Arthur (Jason Momoa) on one at some point…” he said.

At this point, it's difficult not to get hyped for Aquaman even just by looking at the high production value of the sets seen in promotional images released for the movie. Wan was reportedly very adamant that he'd be the one to fully unveil what Atlantis would be like despite the kingdom making a short appearance in Justice League. Folks behind the project has previously compared it to Star Wars underwater, which makes sense if one thinks about the civilization and the various creatures that the movie will be introducing to the DCEU.

Fortunately, fans won't have to wait too long to see more of what Wan and his team came up with regard to the high-profile superhero blockbuster. The first trailer for Aquaman is scheduled to arrive in a few days at Comic-Con.

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Source: EW

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