Aquaman Movie Figure Reveals First Look At Classic Comic Costume & Trident

Aquaman #25 Cover by Stjepan Sejic

See the first look at Jason Momoa in the classic costume from Aquaman. As the director of the film, James Wan has been tasked with bringing to life the underwater universe that Aquaman calls home. There's been teases of Atlantis before and Justice League gave a glimpse at the hero's powers, but one aspect of him has been noticeably different: his look. This isn't because Jason Momoa doesn't look like the traditional Aquaman, but instead thanks to the costume.

Momoa wore a heavily armored and predominantly green suit in Justice League, but he's reverting to leather pants for his solo outing based on the Aquaman movie poster. It has long been teased that he will wear the classic costume, though, and now we can give you the first look - with the trident.

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Screen Rant's Rob Keyes is already roaming the floors of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 ahead of preview night and got an early look Sideshow Collectibles' Aquaman figure. The figure not only puts Momoa in the traditional comic book costume, but also features him with a brand new accessory, King Atlan's trident!

It's clear that Aquaman isn't going to shy away from its comic book history based on this look. While Momoa's previous costumes have fit within the DC Universe, his latest getup is merely the evolution. None of the official images from the movie have featured him in this costume, though, so we'll have to keep an eye out for such a reveal in the upcoming first trailer. It is possible (if not likely) that this is Aquaman's final suit and the one he only wears once he re-embraces his underwater roots and becomes king of Atlantis.

The trident may be in a similar state as well. Recent reports from the set visits make it clear that finding the Trident is what the movie is based around. We know that the quindet he used in Justice League isn't his typical weapon, but that the movie will instead reveal it belonged to his mother, Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), so seeing him wield it here is a surprise. While it would've largely been assumed that Aquaman will overcome whatever challenges he faces, this figure shows that he will get as close to the comic look as possible.

This reveal is surely just the first of many Aquaman related revelations to surface out of San Diego Comic-Con. The movie is going to be a big part of Warner Bros.' Hall H panel on Saturday, so expect plenty of updates on Aquaman and other DC films soon.

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