The Aquaman Movie Features Young Arthur Curry Flashbacks


UPDATE: Read everything revealed by the Aquaman set visit reports.

James Wan's Aquaman will feature a young Arthur Curry in flashback sequences. While sparse pieces of information are known about the full plot of the film, Aquaman will be partially dedicated to Arthur Curry's origin story. The film will mark the first DC movie universe entry since 2017's Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder.

Jason Momoa sparked huge interest in the Aquaman character as far back as Justice League's marketing. Justice League marked the first time fans became fully acquainted with this version of the underwater superhero, and Momoa's performance left a distinctly good impression on devotees to the story. He became a fan favorite, creating greater anticipation for his solo film to arrive. Fans already knew that Aquaman would tell the origin story of Arthur Curry as well as explore the history of his home, Atlantis. But with the origin story also comes an opportunity to visit a younger Arthur Curry.

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According to JoBlo's set visit report for Aquaman, the film will feature flashbacks to Arthur Curry as he is growing up and discovering his abilities. With the film leaning into an origin story structure, fans will be treated to seeing how Aquaman came to be the superhero they saw in Justice League, while also delving deeper into the underwater world and people that molded him. Audiences will see Arthur Curry/Aquaman at four different stages of his life.

While Momoa's present day Aquaman will lead the bulk of the narrative, there will be points of flashback throughout the film to further highlight the origin element. Of the flashbacks, a major scene is devoted to a young Arthur Curry on a field trip to the Boston Aquarium. While being bullied by a group of students, Curry suddenly notices the fish in the aquarium rallying to his efforts. In this moment, he begins to discover that he can 'talk to fish.'

While Aquaman will likely focus on the present day conflict the title character is facing as he returns home to Atlantis to claim his throne, the flashback sequences will give fans the origin story element the film has been building itself around. Wan and his team have created an underwater world that will be like nothing DC fans have seen before. With addition of flashbacks scattered throughout the film, it also gives the DC cinematic universe an opportunity to have another cohesive, standalone feature that has potential to be met with success. As anticipation for the arrival of the Aquaman trailer mounts, fans have a new element to look forward to when Aquaman hits theaters.

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Source: JoBlo

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