Aquaman: Young Arthur Curry Flashback Scene Details Revealed

Aquaman production designer Bill Brzeski shares details about the film's flashback scenes. Directed by James Wan, Warner Bros. and DC are gearing to make their much-awaited return in the superhero movie arena with the Jason Momoa-starrer after more than a year hiatus. In the movie, Arthur Curry will prove he is worthy to become the king of Atlantis as he fights Patrick Wilson's Orm/Ocean Master for the throne.

Despite being set after the events of Justice League, Aquaman will be a proper origin story for Arthur with the film featuring several moments from the past including how his parents - Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), the queen of Atlantis, and Thomas Curry (Temuera Morrison), a lighthouse keeper - met. But aside from that, the film will also see the titular character in different stages of his life to give fans an idea what growing up as Aquaman was like.

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Speaking with CinemaBlend during the Australian set visit for the film, Brzeski provided narrative details with regard to two key flashback scenes in Aquaman. First is one that people have seen parts of in the trailers for the movie and features a young Arthur on a class trip at an Aquarium.

"All of a sudden all the creatures in the aquarium... start banging on the glass, coming to rescue him, and he doesn't even understand why. All the other kids freak out. So we're in this aquarium. It's beautiful. All of a sudden, all these animals are banging on the glass. Sharks are trying to get him and get the other kids. Everybody freaks out. So that's one flashback."

In another flashback, fans will see an older Arthur who is slowly discovering his unique powers after a near-death experience. As it turns out, it's his father who eventually explains everything to him, which would make for such a great way to establish their relationship.

"It looks like he's dead, and then he comes back to life, and he goes, 'What the ... I'm alive?' He gets this water in his lungs, and all of a sudden his eyes change color... What happens is his body reacts positively to being underwater, because he's got Atlantean blood in him, and he can swim down there, and he can do stuff. And he doesn't drown. It's a very traumatic scene. It's like a real scene where somebody drowns. We're shooting it actually underwater in a tank here, and he survives. He gets home, and said, 'Dad, what's going on? Come on.' So then the father starts to tell him a little bit about who he is, and they find a [quindent] in the house."

What's more interesting in Brzeski's last quote is the detail about the quindent. If it's the same one that Arthur wielded in Justice League, fans know that it was a borrowed weapon from Mera (Amber Heard) after Steppenwolf successfully snatched Atlantis' Mother Box. If it's been in the Curry family house, it's either that Thomas has continued to communicate with creatures from under the sea long after Atlanna was gone or she left it with him given that a shot from the first trailer of the film saw her unconscious with the quindent beside her. The question is, how did it end up with Mera?

Fans won't have to wait long to find out with Aquaman just less than two months away from hitting theaters. Warner Bros. has ramped up the marketing machine for the film, so the public should expect to learn more about the flick in the coming weeks.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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