Aquaman Image Reveals Djimon Hounsou’s SECOND DC Movie Role

Recently announced Shazam! cast member Djimon Hounsou has another DC role in Aquaman as the Fisherman King. It is a busy time for Warner Bros. and the DC Universe. In just over a week they'll be sharing several DC-related pieces of news at San Diego Comic-Con. The biggest and most anticipated drop is that of the first trailer for DC's lone 2018 live-action theatrical release, Jason Momoa's Aquaman.

There hasn't been much from a marketing perspective for the film to this point despite its December release date, but that's due to the film's heavy VFX. The film is responsible for bringing Atlantis to life properly and completely exploring the seven underwater kingdoms. While previous photos from Aquaman focused strictly on the human characters, a new look shows off some of the CG creations.

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EW debuted another exclusive photo from Aquaman that revealed the Fisherman King standing in his royal palace located in one of the seven kingdoms of Atlantis. The photo offers up the first look at the visual effects for Aquaman but also introduces new cast members. Djimon Hounsou is playing the king, marking his second DC role after recently being announced to play The Wizard in Shazam! While we still have to wait to see him in that role, this one is a bit more unrecognizable.

For the first close up look at Aquaman's underwater landscape, this image sure does impress. Hounsou's character has plenty of detail to him, and the same goes for the other characters around him. On the left of the Fisherman King is the Fisherman Queen (played by Natalia Safran) and the kingdom's princess (played by Sophie Forrest). Even going into the structure they are standing in, this is a creative setting Wan has crafted.

Not only did EW share this image of the Fisherman people, but producer Peter Safran also provided additional information on them and their role. He describes them as an evolved society that's "primarily artistic and cerebral, with poets and philosophers." This scene takes place when King Orm (Patrick Wilson) comes to their kingdom to ask for their help in waging a war against the surface world. We don't know yet if they'll accept Orm's offer or not, but Hounsou certainly looks ready for battle if they do choose to get involved.

With the trailer for Aquaman just over a week away from debuting, hopefully we get to see the Fisherman King and all of the other kingdoms explored in some capacity. There's endless possibilities for director James Wan to create a visual style for the world after all, and after making fans wait this long, hopefully they don't go light on the footage and details.

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Source: EW

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