Aquaman Final Trailer Breakdown: 10 New Secrets & Reveals

Aquaman Atlanna and Atlantis Soldiers

Atlanna Fights Atlanteans

It's pretty ominous that we don't really see Queen Atlanna beyond her scenes with the toddler-aged Arthur - especially given these shots of her fighting Atlantean soldiers. She's certainly a skilled warrior, but it doesn't look like she wins this particular fight. At one point in the trailer, Tom Curry speaks of Atlanna in the past tense, telling Arthur, "Your mother always knew you were special." According to a preview that Screen Rant saw, Atlanna isn't killed in the battle, but rather is taken back to Atlantis in custody.

Black Manta In Atlantis?

Aquaman Black Manta in Atlantis

Aquaman's secondary villain, Black Manta a.k.a. David Hyde, isn't an Atlantean. He's actually a non-powered human who uses an enhanced suit to do battle both above and below the water, with the ability to blast powerful rays from the suit's eyes. In this one particularly intriguing new shot, David Hyde is seen outside of his super-suit in what appears to be Atlantis, being approached by a group of soldiers. According to Abdul-Mateen, Black Manta has a vendetta against Aquaman because he believes that Aquaman was responsible for the death of his father, so it's possible that this scene shows him approaching Ocean Master and offering an allegiance.

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Mera's Water Blast Powers

Aquaman Mera Powers

Mera's role in Justice League was unfortunately cut down for the sake of a shorter running time, so we didn't get to see some of her cooler powers (including a cut scene where she literally pulls the moisture out of Steppenwolf's body). However, this trailer confirms that we'll get to see Mera wielding her water-bending abilities - including this one particularly cool shot where she's creating twin blasts in the water. In a previous trailer, Mera was shown drawing water from Arthur's forehead in order to activate an ancient Atlantean device. She should prove to be a formidable ally in Arthur's quest for the trident - and the movie's epic final battle.

Submarine Chase In Atlantis

Aquaman Submarine Chase

Just because Aquaman is largely set underwater, that doesn't mean we can't have a high-speed chase with fiery explosions. In this extended shot, we see ships that are shaped like stingrays chasing a high-tech submarine through the city - a powerful showcase for the fantastical world that Wan has created for the film.

More of the Big Battle

Aquaman Final Battle

The battle for Atlantis won't just be between Aquaman and Ocean Master - there'll also be a massive battle involving two huge armies. One faction involved in the movie will be Xebel, led by King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren), who is seen in this trailer being appealed to by Orm. However, Nereus is Mera's father, so he may end up fighting on Arthur's side instead. This particular battle seems to pit giant sea monsters against Atlantean tech; towards the end of the trailer, we see what looks like some kind of terrifying underwater dragon chomping down on a ship shaped like a snake.

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