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Jason Momoa Aquaman - James Wan disputes rumors

2017 has been set up to be a fairly big year for Warner Bros. and its young DC Extended Universe. The studio will be releasing both Wonder Woman and Justice League following the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad in 2016, but will also begin filming a number of DCEU movies. The Batman is set to begin production in the spring, while The Flash is slated to film after finding a new director - and it has long been reported that Aquaman will join that list and begin filming sometime next year.

With fans eager to see more of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in Justice League ahead of his solo film, it is Aquaman and him being paired with director James Wan (and some talented supporting cast members) that is truly exciting. Now, it appears that it has been revealed just when exactly they will all begin filming in Australia.

My Entertainment World (via Omega Underground) have revealed that Aquaman will begin production in Australia in May of 2017. It is unknown how long they will film in the land down under, but production will eventually move to Italy as well at an unconfirmed time. The film has been in pre-production in Australia since November, which will give the movie's crew more than enough time to have everything ready for the start of production come May.

Justice League (2017) - Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Beginning production in May will give Wan and company nearly a year and a half to go through filming and post-production ahead of Aquaman hitting its newly-planted release date. This reveal comes just a day after Australian media covered stunt teams training for the film, making an effort to highlight that there will be underwater stunts to perform.

With many of the big roles already filled, there are still plenty of casting announcements that will be made over the next five months ahead of production. Momoa may already be surrounded by Amber Heard (Mera), Willem Dafoe (Vulko) in a principal role, and Patrick Wilson (Ocean Master), but Atlantis will be a heavily populated area and need more than just these three members to make a movie. Also, Black Manta may yet be involved in a villainous role as well, so there should still be a number of high profile roles to be cast.

Once production begins or at least draws closer, more story points should begin to be revealed. So far very little plot details have been revealed that show how these characters will connect and the story it will tell within the larger DCEU, but those should come over time. Production details as well as Justice League interviews should help shed light on the murky, underwater adventure film - but until then, fans now at least have a time period for the start of filming to look forward to.

Source: My Entertainment World [via Omega Underground]

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