Aquaman's Movie Shows The REAL Meaning of His Man of Steel Cameo

Warning: SPOILERS for Aquaman

Jason Momoa won't let anyone forget that it was Zack Snyder who made him the Aquaman, and now his first solo movie reveals Arthur Curry's secret cameo in Man of Steel was more important than fans realized.

That discovery is all thanks to an Easter Egg in the Aquaman movie which connects directly back to Zack Snyder's first Superman film, while also establishing the fundamental differences between Arthur Curry and his half-brother Orm, the Ocean Master. It's a detail that most fans will miss, just like they missed Aquaman's off-screen cameo in Man of Steel. But when you realize how much saving Superman said about Arthur's mission - and how Ocean Master saw the same rescue very differently - the crossover between Superman and Aquaman gets even better. Which makes this new Easter Egg a moment no DCEU fan should miss.

That Time Aquaman Rescued Superman

Aquaman in Batman V Superman

For the DC enthusiasts out there who assumed Aquaman made his movie debut in secret underwater footage replayed in Batman v Superman, you're not entirely wrong. But true to Snyder's style of world-building, the fact that Aquaman wasn't seen in Man of Steel doesn't mean his influence was never felt. Almost as soon as the first rumors claimed Aquaman and the rest of the Justice League would debut in Batman v Superman, a key moment from Man of Steel was placed under extra scrutiny.

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The scene in question? When Clark Kent is done rescuing oil workers from a flaming, offshore drilling platform, but ends up being crushed in the wreckage... only to awaken underwater, clear of the oil platform, and accompanied by a whale and its child. The rescuer became the rescued, it seemed, and many fans delighted in the idea that it was Aquaman who pulled Superman free. A theory that Momoa later backed up, revealing that Zack Snyder had confirmed Aquaman's role to him as part of a larger plan to revisit the crossover in a future film. He didn't get the chance, but the Aquaman movie pays homage to it all the same.

Aquaman Easter Egg Confirms Man of Steel Connection

The Aquaman movie doesn't provide Arthur's perspective on the oil platform disaster, or even make an explicit reference to him saving Superman (or any other workers). Instead it is Ocean Master who brings it up, albeit subtly. When Aquaman is chained before Orm's throne, the king outlines his motivations and justifications for bringing war to the surface world. As he sees it, the surfacers pollute the oceans with total disregard for the damage. And when King Orm conjures up holographic images to illustrate his point, one of the pieces of evidence should look more familiar than the others.

Featured prominently on screen is the moving image of - you guessed it - a flaming oil platform. And with Ocean Master telling the story, the scene's real meaning proves to have been completely lost on both Superman and Aquaman at the time. As DCEU fans are well aware, revisiting the scene after seeing Aquaman shows how it is foreshadowing the exact reason Orm will bring war to the surface, and see Arthur as a traitor to his own people.

But to dive into that, we'll need to warn fans of some Aquaman SPOILERS...

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