Wonder Woman Composer is Also Scoring Aquaman

DC is bringing back Wonder Woman composer Rupert Gregson-Williams to provide the score for James Wan's Aquaman movie. While Marvel fans have already had their first taste of what 2018 has to offer, DCEU die-hards have a much longer wait until Aquaman arrives this December. We've heard the first Aquaman trailer will debut at WonderCon in a few weeks, so hopefully it won't be much longer into we get our first look at actual footage from the movie.

Though Justice League gave fans some time with Arthur Curry ahead of his solo film, most of his supporting characters didn't make the final cut. That said, Wan had a hand in shooting the Atlantean scene in last year's team-up, so we already have a tease of what Aquaman will be like. Still, fans are anxious for any new details on the film, especially given how rocky the DCEU track record has been. And while Jason Momoa's performance in Justice League was positively received, it seems Warner Bros. and the minds behind Aquaman are trying to borrow a little magic from DC's other 2017 film.

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Film Music Reporting has the news that Gregson-Williams is boarding Aquaman. Though last year's runaway hit Wonder Woman was praised for many things, it's fair to say that the score by Gregson-Williams helped to elevate the themes of hope and empowerment in the movie's scripted narrative. While Aquaman is described as being more of a swashbuckling tale by comparison, the same feeling of grandiosity should benefit it.

James Wan Aquaman

Along with Aquaman and Wonder Woman, Gregson-Williams is known for his work on The Crown and The Alienist. He's also scoring the upcoming film The Happytime Murders, which sees Melissa McCarthy and Joel McHale dive into a seedy world of muppet crime.

Though not a major piece of news, this latest information about Aquaman continues to paint a positive picture of the film. While Wonder Woman's success was staggering, the high-profile underperformance of Justice League means DC's film arm is in need of another win. DC Film went through another restructuring recently, and fans are certainly hoping the ship will be righted with the new creative team in place.

As it were, Aquaman seems to be in a good place. Wan has a stellar track record and audiences are now more than familiar with Arthur Curry. The first Aquaman test screening reactions have also trickled in, citing a fun, action-packed, and surprisingly emotional film. As a smaller scale movie under the direction of a single creative, DC may just have another hit when Aquaman arrives in theaters later this year.

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Source: Film Music Reporting

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