Jason Momoa Reveals Better Look At Classic Aquaman Costume For Halloween

Aquaman in his classic costume

Jason Momoa has shared a better look at the classic suit for his upcoming Aquaman movie just in time for Halloween. There’s a little less than two months before James Wan’s highly anticipated comic adaptation of Aquaman hits theaters. The film will tell the origin of Momoa’s Arthur Curry and how he becomes king of Atlantis, though it’s important to note that the film does take place after Justice League. While box office projections aren’t exactly encouraging, the WB marketing train for the film is going full speed ahead in attempts to increase interest before its December release.

A big part of Aquaman’s recent marketing push has concerned Curry’s donning of a suit that closely resembles the classic Aquaman costume. The internet has had a lot of fun speculating how he gets the costume, with one fan even creating a version of the distracted boyfriend meme in reference to the classic outfit. Now, however, star Momoa has offered a closer look at the classic Aquaman uniform with a special Halloween message for fans.

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Posting a video on the official Aquaman Twitter account, Momoa showed off the classic outfit that he’ll don at some point in the upcoming film. Adding a Halloween spin to the message, he encouraged fans to be Aquaman for the holiday, claiming, “Why be anything else when you can be Aquaman?” The video also showed off more footage for the upcoming DCU film. To see the video and its Halloween-themed message, take a look below:

This is definitely a smart strategy on WB and Momoa’s part, as any children who actually do dress up as the superhero for Halloween will obviously be more interested in seeing the film when it drops. Additionally, showing off a closer look at the classic outfit could potentially raise interest for Aquaman among comic fans who will want to see Momoa’s Curry don that classic suit. Whether this strategy works out obviously remains to be seen, but it’s encouraging that WB has a lot of faith in the film (this is further evidenced by the studio’s plethora of TV spots and extended trailers, the latter of which has been criticized by some).

Either way, Aquaman almost seems like a make-or-break moment for the DCU, especially after Justice League’s lackluster box office performance. The film will at least have to make a profit for the floundering universe to gain back some traction and trust amongst movie-goers (positive reviews will certainly help as well). However, relatively recent leadership changes in the DCU have generated a lot of positive buzz, and perhaps Aquaman can signal a new beginning and put the DC movie universe back on the right track.

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