Aquaman Casts Power Rangers' Ludi Lin as Murk

Ludi Lin is making the jump from this year's Power Rangers to next year's Aquaman in the role of military leader Murk from DC Comics.

Ludi Lin will be continuing his superhero career in next year's Aquaman, courtesy of a new casting report from the upcoming DC film. Marvel may be turning out three films a year now, but the DCEU is still slowly building up its shared universe. This year will see both Wonder Woman and Justice League debut, but so far Aquaman will be the sole 2018 entry in the franchise. While things could always change, the clock is ticking for another superhero blockbuster to get underway in time to make it to theaters next year.

With Aquaman standing alone, it will have to do some heavy-lifting to keep the presence of DC alive in the minds of genre movie fans. Luckily, it's seeming up to the task judging by its global scope and the teases already put forward of epic underwater battles. The film is also pulling together a strong ensemble, with the likes of Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, and Temuera Morrison on board. The former has already arrived in Australia to start shooting, as Aquaman recently began production. With the film now officially underway, it looks as if an up-and-comer has been added to the stellar cast.

Deadline are reporting that Power Rangers star Ludi Lin will be joining the new film as the character Murk. There's no word on how large the part is, but the filming schedule would hardly prevent Lin from reprising his role as the Black Ranger in a sequel to this spring's reboot. Of course, with the meager box office haul of the movie, a follow-up to Power Rangers is looking less and less likely. With that in mind, it's probably good that Lin has boarded another potential franchise, as Aquaman could catapult the young star to newfound fame.

Ludi Lin as Zack in the Power Rangers movie

In the comics, Murk is a relatively new and small character. He debuted back in 2013's Aquaman #7 as a military leader for Atlantis' Men-of-War. As part of the first line of defense for the city, Murk is originally loyal to Orm, Aquaman's brother. He soon joins the new king once Arthur Curry takes his place beneath the waves, but his connection to Orm doesn't die. As Orm becomes the more villainous Ocean Master and seeks to usurp Aquaman's throne, Murk ultimately sides with his former boss.

While Black Manta will be the main antagonist of Aquaman, Patrick Wilson's Ocean Master will likely be set up as a future villain. As such, we could see Lin's Murk forced to choose between two rulers. In the end, it may just be the soldier who helps turn over power to Orm in a future Aquaman storyline.

If the Jason Momoa film is a hit, DC will be eager to make a sequel. When they do, Lin could find himself playing a much more substantial role in the franchise. As Aquaman continues filming, we'll likely learn a bit more about casting and story over the coming months, so stay tuned.

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Source: Deadline

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