The Aquaman Movie Adds a King of Giant Crab Monsters

A new line of Aquaman action figures seen on the floor of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 provide the best look yet at the hulking character, the Brine King. Little is known specifically about the character, but judging by his build and size, he will be an imposing figure for Arthur Curry to face.

Aquaman's inclusion of The Brine was first revealed during the film's set visit, where we learned that Arthur's half-brother, Orm, will attempt to unite the different underwater tribes against the surface world. Along with The Brine - which are described as four-legged crustaceans who live on the ocean floor - Orm will seek to ally himself with the Xebellians (Mera's people), the Fisherman Kingdom, and possibly, the feral Trench. There was also mention of two more kingdoms - the missing kingdom and another which Warner Bros. chose to not fully reveal - bringing the grand total of underwater kingdoms to seven and fitting with an earlier marketing tagline, Unite The Seven.

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As for the Brine King, this action figure is not our first look at the character. Earlier, a Comic-Con magazine cover featuring the Aquaman cast included not only the first look at Orm's Ocean Master helmet, but it offered a glimpse of the Trench, the Fishermen, and the crustacean creatures we believe to be The Brine. This figure (via EW), however, gives us at least some impression of how The Brine King will stack up against Aquaman.

There isn't a whole lot we know about how The Brine will function in Aquaman's narrative, but judging by The Brine King's stature, he's sure to be a bruiser of a character. During the Aquaman set visit, it was revealed that the scene in which Orm leads an attack on the Fisherman Kingdom is called the "Battle of the Brine". This suggests that the scene could see Orm and The Brine King leading The Brine against the Fisherman Kingdom, with the giant crustaceans acting more or less as Orm's personal army.

Then again, The Brine could simply be another kingdom with their own agenda - one that might align them with Orm, but doesn't necessarily make them subservient to him. From the looks of this action figure and the close up on the Comic-Con magazine cover, The Brine King looks is a tough guy who won't be easy to push around.

The first trailer for Aquaman will debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, so it seems likely we'll have another look at The Brine King before the week is out. Whether it reveals his role in the film remains to be seen, but it does appear as if Aquaman is set to include a most unique assortment of friend and foes for its titular hero.


Source: EW

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