Aquaman: Black Manta Actor Promises Costume & Voice Will Please Comic Fans

UPDATE: Read everything revealed by the Aquaman set visit reports.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II believes fans of the comics will be pleased with how Black Manta looks and sounds in Aquaman. Jason Momoa's solo DC movie has been a long time coming. The former Game of Thrones star already has two appearances as Arthur Curry under his belt, but it was really Justice League that gave him a chance to craft the character. As his solo movie approaches, director James Wan is expanding upon the character and his underwater world by introducing new species and characters for the DC universe.

One of these new characters is Black Manta, who will be one of the villains in Aquaman. The character is a fan-favorite from the comics thanks to his somewhat insane design of an all-black suit with big, bright red eyes. These fans are understandably eager to see what Mateen looks like in the suit, but also how he sounds. Mateen loves playing the character and believes fans will be happy when December rolls around.

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The suit is just one part of his character and despite his social media teases he says "We haven't figured [the voice] out yet. I mean, I do some things with it, but we're still working out what that's going to be." Since this interview took place while the movie was still filming, it was several months ago, so Wan and company likely have decided how exactly he'll sound. With the official Aquaman trailer arriving this weekend, it may just be matter of time before everyone gets to hear what they've decided.

This has the potential to be a breakout role for Mateen and it shouldn't be too much longer before a better look at Black Manta arrives. Until then, Mateen also teased Black Manta's "relentless" drive to win, which will undoubtedly make him a recurring thorn in Aquaman's side. Wan also added in another interview with JoBlo that Black Manta's look is "very much in the same spirit" as the comics. How much Black Manta winds up being featured in Aquaman isn't clear so far, but it sounds like everyone is confident the character will deliver.

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Source: JoBlo

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