Amber Heard Talks Hydrokinesis & Mera's Superpowers in Aquaman Movie

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Amber Heard speaks about her Aquaman character, Mera's, superpowers and hydrokinesis that will be featured in the upcoming film. Mera's abilities as well as her no-nonsense attitude, will be on full display in the upcoming feature length film set in the DC Movie Universe.

Heard was convinced by Justice League director Zack Snyder to take on the superhuman role of Mera. The character was created by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy and made her first appearance in a comic released in 1963. From what fans have had the opportunity to see thus far, Mera will be a full, comic book accurate characterization. While filming on set, behind the scenes footage showed Heard as Mera using her powers in full force. The video shows Mera in Amnesty Bay on the docks outside of the Sunken Galleon. The clip also showed Mera's skillfulness with water.

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According to an interview with JoBlo on the set of Aquaman, Heard's Mera will not be short of powers when the film debuts. The actress discussed the character's various abilities, including hydrokinesis, her ability to control water. A warrior princess hailing from Atlantis, Mera's character has a powerful core and does not hold back.

So I control water. Mera’s power, other than just being a warrior princess in Atlantis, is that she also can control water, a power that comes in quite handy as you will see. Not only in this scene, but it plays throughout the mission, throughout their entire journey. She relies on hydrokinesis to kind of save the world and stuff.

With her ability to control water, it will be no surprise that some, if not all, of Mera's scenes in the film will either be underwater or working with the element. When discussing the filming of those scenes, Heard described the oddity of being tethered to wires and moved around by crew members in, as she observed, "bright blue micro onesies." In order to focus for what would appear to most to be intense filming, Heard would find moments to connect with her fellow actors, including Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, and Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa. While also observing that it would be easy to lose focus during filming, Heard's process for staying in character was anchored in the sequences and interactions with her fellow cast members.

Fans of the Aquaman comics have much to look forward to with James Wan's adaptation. Mera's abilities will no doubt be on full display throughout the film. Along with Aquaman, audiences can anticipate seeing Mera's ability to control water on full display. Devotees to the comics will also note that Mera's abilities go beyond harnessing the power of water and using it to her advantage. Heard's character has, in past issues, demonstrated the power to control - if briefly - large amounts of water, even enough to pull an army out of the sea. Whether or not the full force of Mera's abilities will be shown in the film is still unknown. With anticipation for the trailer growing, fans can look forward to Mera's incredible powers coming soon.

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Source: JoBlo

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