Move Over Aquaman: MERA is Queen of Atlantis

Aquaman is done guiding the future of his people, as his longtime lover Mera takes the throne as Queen of Atlantis. A position she holds with more power than Arthur has in years, since Mera was chosen as Queen of Atlantis by the city's highest authorities without any thought given to rule as a birthright.

The shift comes after months of serious turmoil in the underwater kingdom of DC Comics, as the painful "progress" championed by Aquaman and the harsh, fascist pushback have battered the everyday Atlanteans caught in the middle. Only when they decided that Mera would be the best leader did a chance at peace and unity seem possible. And in our exclusive preview of Aquaman #39, Mera finally takes the throne... And only to find that the threats to her people are already piling up.

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It's bad enough that Atlantis has returned to the surface, dialing up the fear, paranoia, and distrust from the mainland that her aggressive predecessors stirred up. But Mera is more than prepared to be the strength her people need, as shown in these first preview pages. Still, she doesn't hesitate in deciding that Atlantis must come first, before she tries to ease tensions with the world governments who have come seeking her ear (and, most likely, demanding reassurances of her peaceful intentions).

But if things take a turn towards violence, as they surely will, she won't be helpless. Mera defeated Ocean Master to claim the throne, after all. Check out the preview pages below:

It's not all smiles and happiness between Arthur and Mera, as the two aren't out of danger yet. The previous issue in this story saw Arthur patrolling the deepest corners of Atlantis while his lover and would-be wife was crowned ruler of his people. And now, it's confirmed just how wise a decision that really was, since the Suicide Squad has come on orders from Amanda Waller. Their mission? "Sink Atlantis," as the arc's title exclaims.

So in keeping with the modern comics, which make it perfectly clear that Aquaman and Mera are partners, the task falls to Arthur to defend the throne from attackers so his queen may do her job. For the time being, let's just hope Aquaman has some allies among the Suicide Squad... now that they realize their mission to "safely" return Atlantis to the ocean involves a nuclear bomb. We'd hate to see Mera's reign cut short.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:

AQUAMAN (2018) #39

Published: August 15th, 2018

Writer: Rob Williams, Dan Abnett

Art: Vicente Cifuentes

Cover Artist: Rafa Sandoval

Variant Cover: Joshua Middleton

Guest-starring Task Force X, and continuing from SUICIDE SQUAD #45, also on sale this month! After Atlantis rises to the surface once more, Aquaman finds himself outnumbered and outgunned when Amanda Waller sends in the worst of the worst—the Suicide Squad—to send the Lost City straight to Hell in “Sink Atlantis!” part two!

Aquaman #39 will be available from DC Comics on August 15th, 2018.

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