The Countdown To Aquaman & Mera's AQUABABY Begins

Aquaman and Mera have survived entire wars, but their next challenge will test them like nothing before - when AQUABABY arrives in 2020.

Aquaman and Mera Sejic Art

The Justice League heroes and their children have inspired countless storylines, whether it's Damian Wayne's aggression, or Conner Kent's mysterious parentage. Now Arthur and Mera are on their way to adding another super-tyke to the mix come 2020, when DC's next Aquababy will be born into the pages of Aquaman.

With the release of the Aquaman movie, the Rebirth comic series was given something of a soft reboot. Having Arthur temporarily forgetting his past and gaining some Jason Momoa-inspired tattoos, the aquatic hero followed a new journey to figure out who he was amongst old gods of the sea. But while Arthur was finding himself, Mera was left alone in Atlantis--terrible timing really, as she was just recently elected Queen of Atlantis when she beat the Ocean Master's Challenge, proving she really is the best leader for the throne. And soon, the best mother, too.

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While this dramatic journey toward rediscovering oneself for Aquaman came in Aquaman #43it wasn't until Aquaman #49 that he regained his memories. In this same issue, Mera announced her pregnancy and, with it, her worries about Arthur consistently putting his life on the line with a baby in the picture. Though Arthur and Mera's love has certainly stayed sturdy through test after test, a baby brings complications for Arthur. Given his complicated history with his mother and the abandonment issues that come with her, Arthur is concerned, to say the least, about what kind of parent he will become.

Aquaman 56 Comic Cover

Come 2020, however, Arthur's time to panic will have run out. Aquababy is confirmed to arrive in DC's January solicitations, and one can only hope he'll rise to the challenge, allowing Mera to continue her skilled leadership over Atlantis. Historically, Aquababies have had more hardship than happiness. In Adventure Comics #452, Black Manta famously murdered Aquababy by suffocating him in a bubble. Therefore, fans have to wonder what kind of danger this Aquababy will be put into upon his birth. What could Arthur and Mera be preparing for in the next issue? Here's what we know so far, until the full issue arrives next year:

  • AQUAMAN #56
  • Release Date: January 15, 2020
  • written by guest writer KYLE HIGGINS
  • art by guest artists AARON LOPRESTI and MATT RYAN
  • variant cover by SKAN
  • The countdown to Aquababy has begun! As the birth of Aquaman and Mera’s child grows near, don’t miss this special interlude issue! In a story that takes place days after Aquaman and Mera’s engagement, a violent encounter with the resurgent Kingdom of the Trench leads to an unexpected outcome, and the conflict sheds new light on Aquaman and Mera’s plans for their future.

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