Exclusive: Aquaman Takes Over MAD Magazine's Funny Pages

The Aquaman movie may have been snubbed by the Oscars, but it's still receiving one of the greatest honors imaginable: being targeted by the parody-makers of MAD Magazine. And surprisingly, injecting Arthur Curry into some of the most beloved 'Funnies' actually makes perfect sense.

Sure, neither readers of their newspaper's comics section, nor Aquaman enthusiasts probably stopped to wonder how Calvin and Hobbes would differ (or not) if the titular duo was Aquaman and a pet shark, or if Charlie Brown would finally get some respect from joining the Justice League. But now that we have an exclusive preview of MAD's "Aquaman Funnies" the answers were never really in question.

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The send-up funny pages will be available for Aquaman fans to purchase when MAD Magazine #6 is released in digital form on February 9th, then in a physical copy when it arrives on newsstands later this month, on February 19th. But for now, we're happy to offer a sneak peek of one of the Aquaman-centered section by writer/artist Kerry Callen. Take a look, Aquafans:

The devoted fans of comic strips like "Calvin & Hobbes," "Peanuts," The Far Side," "Dilbert," and even "Garfield" are sure to appreciate Callen's top-notch recreation of the look and tone (an example of Mad Magazine's success since its recent magazine-format relaunch). And while we silently ponder the tragic future of the classic Arthur Curry after the Justice League replaces him with Momoa's modern reboot, our hopes have only grown higher for the rest of the issue. Now a must-by, especially for fans who aren't satisfied with just watching Aquaman's end credits on repeat until the home video release.

For his part, Aquaman has more than earned the spotlight offered by MAD Magazine, considering how many times Superman, Batman, and the rest of the DC pantheon has graced the cover of the comedy mag. With Aquaman now DC's most successful movie ever, and a hotly-anticipated Aquaman 2 obviously guaranteed to happen, the tide has never been higher for the King of Atlantis. So even if MAD Magazine takes some less-friendly shots at Jason Momoa's movie hero... we doubt that fans will actually mind all that much.

A spoof on DC's box office hit Aquaman, "Aquaman Funnies" gives us a hilarious look at Arthur Curry's day-to-day. With comic strips based on the distinguished "Calvin and Hobbes," and the beloved "Peanuts," find out what Aquaman is up to next in "Curry and Swabs," "Seanuts" and more!

This month we skewer Aquaman and take our best guess at what the new Mary Poppins movie is all about! Plus, “The Lighter Side of Hooking Up,” the return of MAD’s millennial movie reviewers Xander and Cam and more!

MAD Magazine #6 will be available digitally to subscribers on February 9th, and on newsstands February 19th, 2019. Get a digital copy of the new issue here.

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