Aquaman Won't Feature Underwater Dialogue Like in Justice League

Aquaman director James Wan says that characters won't use air bubbles to communicate underwater in his film, like they do in Justice League. After being briefly teased in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jason Momoa as Aquaman made his proper debut in the newly-released Justice League movie. In between all of his bluster and bravado, the film paints a portrait of a character caught between two worlds and unhappy with his place in both of them.

It's been acknowledge that Justice League cut a lot of Aquaman material, including scenes with Willem Dafoe's Vulko. These moments were designed to further explore Arthur Curry's backstory and show the resentment he holds for Atlantis. Instead, all of that was boiled down to one scene with Mera (Amber Heard), who is revealed to have a long history with Arthur and his Atlantean mother Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman). That moment seemingly revealed how characters will communicate underwater in the Aquaman solo film, as Mera was shown using her powers to form an air bubble around the pair of them. Wan, however, is now saying otherwise.

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Wan took to Twitter to reply to a light-hearted jab at the end of a recent THR piece. The story in question concerned the work left to be done with the character of Aquaman in his upcoming solo film, given how little he and his backstory actually appear in Justice League. Although Wan didn't address the other criticisms, he made it clear that his film will portray dialogue under the sea a little differently:

??️‍♀️ Fret not, no “air bubbles for dialogue” in my underwater world.

— James Wan (@creepypuppet) November 21, 2017

Though the air bubble was a great way to showcase Mera's ability to control water and also provided a simple way of having her communicate with Aquaman, the logistics arguably didn't quite add up. After all, not all Atlanteans can do what Mera can and surely there would be a more straightforward way for them to communicate.

Wan doesn't make it clear what his film will do, barring all dialogue being saved for non-underwater scenes. More likely, however, some sort of communication device or telepathy will be used. Though this could add a bit of a continuity issue to Justice League, the DCEU is no stranger to tweaking things here and there.

Justice League was the result of a number of voices, as Wan joined both Snyder and Whedon in shooting certain scenes. It seems, however, that he wasn't involved in handling the moment between Mera and Arthur Curry. Then again, perhaps Aquaman will prove just why the technique was needed in this instance and not at any other time. Expect more information about Aquaman to arrive over the course of the next year, ahead of its release in theaters in December 2018.

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Source: James Wan

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